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Secrets of Seduction
The Art of Hypnotic Seduction

by Kevin Hogan

Seduction can be defined in one of three ways. Seduction can be used to lead someone astray from their principles, much like Darth Vader attempted to do to young Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I'm not too big on revealing secrets on how to win converts to the dark side....

Seduction can also refer to inducing or tempting someone to have sex, much like Delilah did to Samson in The Bible. This area of seduction is certainly more interesting and playful than leading someone astray from their core values...but still not really where my core interest lies.

No, the seduction I refer to in The Art of Hypnotic Seduction is the inducement and enticement to win over someone to your side...or to your point of view.

But what about the "hypnotic" part?

Hypnosis can be defined as a "narrowing focus of attention" or "resonating with the anti-suggestive barrier of the mind." In the first case, a narrowing focus of attention, I think of walking through the airport today and seeing Carmen (Electra) on the cover of Stuff magazine. I walked into Simply Books to find the August issue of Cosmo (they interviewed me for this months issue) but my mind totally spaced the world out as my mind was captured by Carmen on the cover of Stuff. (Carmen stars on a TV show called Living Large...something I've never seen or heard of but I will check it out...) I was literally hypnotized by the cover of Stuff magazine. Who was on Time? Newsweek? Good Housekeeping? Sports Illustrated? Business Week? Yahoo? Money? ...I have no clue.

No one who walked into Simply Books did. It was just you and Carmen right there at the check out counter. I walked over to Carmen and picked her up. There was a little "tag" above her shoulder on the right side of the magazine that said, "Unfold for More". So, I did, opening the magazine to see a Carmen with even fewer square inches of garment on than the cover boasted. In the upper right hand corner it said, "Stop staring and buy the magazine." It was absolutely brilliant. I almost took it to the checkout counter when I remembered that I subscribed and I thought it would be nice to have it in the mailbox today. That's the hypnotic power of magazine cover...not a real, living, breathing...person... That's hypnosis.

Hypnosis is all about narrowing another person or group of people's attention to where what you are saying is the only thing they are paying attention to and then when you give the suggestion to "stop staring and buy the magazine," they do so.

Breaking Through the Barrier

Hypnosis is also about resonating with the antisuggestive barrier of the mind.

Each person has a metaphorical "mechanism in the mind" that "protects" the mind from all that might be bad for them. My antisuggestive barrier instantly filters out telemarketers, stock brokers, television preachers, anyone who knocks on my front door, and hundreds of other stimuli.

In other words, there is a "wall" in my mind that is very tall...a "BS detector" that goes off like a fog horn when I see, feel or hear anything that my BS detector has coded as EVIL. (The BS detector of course is often's just a detector like the ones at the airport. It's a warning device that there MIGHT be something wrong here...but certainly not always. If you can make it past my BS detector without setting it off, you will have my full attention and it will not likely be diverted anywhere else.) That's hypnosis, too. When the BS detector says, "I like this guy," I might just filter out the rest of the world and you will have my complete and undivided attention.

Hypnotic seduction then is all about resonating with the BS detector, then narrowing the focus of attention, and finally, suggesting a course of action that will be followed. Hypnotic seduction is exciting and intoxicating! It is something everyone should master.

Here is a simple and real world example of hypnotic seduction.

The woman sits at the bar.

He is smart enough to wait until her first drink is almost gone. He's been casually observing her for perhaps 4 minutes. She drinks slowly and seems completely fine being alone, yet he knows that no one goes to the bar to be alone. He catches the eye of the bar tender as he walks up behind his quarry. "Another gin and tonic for the lady, I'll have the same."

She looks up at him as the bartender strolls away with his orders. "Thanks."

The very wise young man has taken the attention of the woman away from all other people in the bar. In the next few moments...not to number more than four seconds, he will either hypnotically seduce her...or not.

He has done everything correctly. He gathered a great deal of information. He waited for the woman to finish her drink. He caught the bartender's eye, so she couldn't. He approached her and now....?

You can learn how to hypnotically influence others with the secrets revealed in the course below!

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A Course in Metaphors: Understanding & Creating Metaphors That Captivate

seduction, attraction program

More attractive? More interesting? More likable? More sensual? And even a bit more enticing? Who doesn't want to be all these things? This is the program that you can use as a template to weave three powerful metaphors for connection and attraction.

Two of the 16 core drives of human behavior are for connection (as in friends and community) and sex (including romantic affection). These two behavioral drivers have been effectively woven into the fabric of three powerful metaphors to help anyone master their confidence when talking with others.

The first metaphor is designed to unhook the most common fears of connecting with others while injecting the fuel of unconscious confidence and certainty into the client for communicating with anyone they might be attracted to.

The other two metaphors are stories to be utilized when talking to that special someone. One metaphor is to be utilized the first time two people meet. The second story is one that is to be used when the person asks for a lunch/dinner/date commitment. They are compelling and rather difficult to say "no" to!

The hypnotic effect is one that is respectful of everyone involved and though remarkably powerful, the metaphors do have an ecology so they do not overwhelm the listener.

More Information on metaphors or to order

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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