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Decisions: STOP Making the Really
Dumb Ones

Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan on Decision Making Maybe you've been "thinking about"....

Starting your own business...

Starting another small business....

Getting a new job...

Getting a divorce...

Getting married to that very nice woman you've met...(make sure you get divorced first)

Maybe you've been trying to decide about.....Having children...

Hiring someone... or Firing someone...

Buying a new home...or that cool new car you've been eyeballing.

There are a lot of ineffective ways to make a decision and there are only a few ways to make a good or "right decision."

Kevin Hogan on Decision Making See this girl?

Should be a no-brainer of a decision.

But instant impulse can be decieving. Not always...sometimes.

Today I want to pull out 1% of what is in the Decision Making Course I've developed and I'd like to give it to you.

I'd like you to take a quick look at what a Good Decision is, then, I'm going to take you to the all important first step and show you just how to make the best decision possible in the least amount of time.

What is a Good Decision...what is a Bad Decision?

You see it all the time. (I do at least.)

I've only met a few people who can tell me what a good decision is,.. so let's start here. Now you'll know.

Kevin Hogan on Decision Making

Read carefully with pen and paper in hand. This is easy and fascinating. You have two coins in front of you.

The first coin is fixed so it has a 60% chance of coming up heads when it is flipped.

The other coin is fixed so it has a 40% chance of coming up heads.

You bet a friend $100 that the first coin will come up heads.

You flip the coin.

It comes up tails.

You lose.

Just for the heck of it you flip the other coin and it comes up tails.

He laughs as he snatches the $100.

Did you make a good decision or a bad decision?

Hopefully you said....

Turn the page to see if you made a good decision!

Find out...: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

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