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You Are Who Google Says You Are

by Julie Broad

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If these things aren't on sites you control, you won't have much luck deleting or changing it, so your only option is to bury it deep into the Google Search results so people would have to go three pages deep to find it (or, more). That's where social media profiles, your own website, and features on YouTube videos and other media will really help you online.

Social Media to Control Your Online Profile Your website should be first, but if it's not already set up or ranking on Page 1, it might take a bit of time to get it there. You'll want to put some effort into ensuring your Headline Tags have your name in it, and there are other websites linking your name back to your website to push you closer to that top Google spot.

In the meantime, set up some social media profiles to help you own the first page of Google for your name. You don't have to be overly active on social media to take advantage of the opportunity it offers to control more Google Search Results. You just need a well thought out profile with your name and some contact information so your searchers can get to your website or your email and phone number if that is where they land.

Google owns YouTube and, of course, Google+. These links often show up on page 1 quite easily. If you're trying to bury links, a few Google+ posts with your name or a popular YouTube video could bump the unwanted link down a few spots. LinkedIn profiles often rank quite high in Google as well. And, it's a great site to be on for business anyway.

C - Is it easy for people to connect with you?

This is meant in two ways - can they physically find your contact information and do they emotionally connect with you or your message?

Ask friends and colleagues what they think when they Google your name. Is it easy to find your contact information? Do they quickly get a sense of who you are and the kind of service you offer? Do they think your online presence is a good reflection of who they know you to be offline (congruency and consistency is important for you to be trusted).

One of my personal pet peeves is not being able to quickly find a picture of someone when I visit their website. Even if it's a company, I want to see who works there. Considering the 'About' page on both of my websites is the second most visited page, many people are looking to answer the question of 'who is this person'?

Think about your ideal client. What are they going to want to see when they search your name? Or, what problems will they be actively online trying to solve?

Is it clear how you can help them solve that problem?

Can they easily connect with you to do that?

Kristen Stewart said, "The strangest part about being famous is you don't get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them."

We're all getting a taste of what that feels like as most of us have already made an impression on someone well before we meet or speak. Your job is to do everything you can to make the best first impression possible; one that clearly reflects who you are and what you do.

Julie Broad is an expert on helping people who aren't naturally born to sell, build a brand to get results, make an impact and ultimately make more money. Connect with her at

Registering Now

Influence: Boot Camp 2016!

October 12,13,14,15 - 2016
with Kevin Hogan
at the new Downtown Grand
in fabulous Las Vegas!

"Isn't It Time to Live Up to Your True Potential, Now?"

Kevin Hogan Persuasion Expert Ready to be at Influence: Boot Camp 2016! in Live in Las Vegas!?

10/12 Wednesday 10:00 - 7:00
10/13 Thursday -- 8:30 - 7:00
10/14 Friday ----- 8:30 - 7:00
10/15 Saturday ---8:30 - 5:00

For several weeks I've shared with you that I'm going to be giving you the most cutting edge model of influence and persuasion at Influence: Boot Camp. You're not just going to learn current influence technology, you're going to know what matters most in influencing others to yes.

You've heard it and yes, it's true.

People who attend Influence: Boot Camp have a propensity to become influential and succeed. Period.

Boot Camp Attendees are a unique breed of people. They defy the odds. They win. Part of it is because of what they learn, who they learn from and of course who YOU ARE as a person.

Kevin Hogan Persuasion Expert Pick a story from an ordinary deck of Boot Camp stories. Which of these resonates most with you?

You'll meet most of these people at Boot Camp!

Some have gone from nothing to nationally known names. Others wanted to be able to get her to say, "yes." Others simply wanted to be happy or earn another $100,000.

All these people were really only missing one puzzle piece. They simply needed to master the power to influence across contexts.

* She's there front row at Boot Camp 2007. One month away from the house being foreclosed on. Out of work. Fast Forward 3 months? She appears on a National Television Show, still on today. Two New York Times Best Seller Books.

* He's in the back row, third from the right at Boot Camp 2006. He took one single piece of advice from Boot Camp and became an (almost) instant millionaire & a couple of years ago when I met his stunning girlfriend, I knew he did it right. In a recession. I'll see if I can get him to stop by.

Will this be you?

* Another in the back row at Boot Camp 2006. I answered one question. He was uncomfortable with implementing what I told him to do. (They always are.) I said, "Trust me." He did 2 million dollars worth of additional business in the next year. You can talk with him about it this year at Boot Camp. The girl friend could be a model if she isn't already. All in a recession.

* Another guy, 2007, talented. Spent his last penny to come to Influence: Boot Camp. Good thing. Today he's spoken to significantly more than 1,000,000 people. It took me a decade to get there. He did it in two years! In a recession.

* Next Influence: Boot Camp 2008, this Chicago native is sitting in the front row. He earned almost $100,000 the year before Boot Camp. Talented and smart to boot. But that was in a thriving economy. Today, he does more than twice that paycheck. Married a beautiful girl and now has a house full of kids. You can talk with him about it this year.

Will that be you?

Kevin Hogan Persuasion Expert * Sitting in front right to the left of that one is yet another with a similar story. He'll be there this year and you can talk with him.

* IBC 2009? Guy hated his job. Moving on would be uncomfortable. Post Boot Camp? Travels internationally making a heck of a lot more money. He'll be there. Drain his brain as well!

* ...2008 at Influence: Boot Camp and there are 6 or 7 people sitting clustered over there on the left side. All of them sharp. Totally different Coffee Table Businesses (and two that are bigger office business.) The recession comes, hits hard. Two years later they are all making at least six figures more than they did back then. Most of them will be there this year. They'll be happy to chat with you.

Is that going to be your story?

* One woman from IBC 2007 didn't care if she made any more money. She simply wanted to be happy. The following year she returns with the biggest smile and best story I've heard in a long time. She's registered this year. Talk with her. Wonderful person.

* In 2008? Another woman whose personal life had been thrown into chaos. Today she has her life together and is destined for greatness.

Kevin Hogan on Subliminal Imaging

All of these people and a hundred more will tell you that it was because of Influence: Boot Camp or Kevin Hogan.

That just can't be right. It's more than just one factor that brings a person from an average or normal life to success. Each of these people implemented and were consistent. Each of these people works hard.

It is compelling that this unique factor has a remarkable triggering effect, if absolutely nothing else.

Please remember that not everyone ends up on national TV every week. Some people experience incredible success, but wish to be more out of the public eye. Consultants, salesmen, women, big name Professional Speakers, Internet Marketers and get the idea.

I think it is unreasonable to bank on the notion that you'll add $100,000 to your bottom line take-home income just because you applied what you learn at Influence: Boot Camp where a ticket at the door is $5,000. I suggest you can't expect or anticipate that result, even though I see it happen every single year.

AND, know that I've seen people attend as many as 4 or 5 Influence: Boot Camps before I've seen their name in the biggest publications and with books of their own on the news stands.

I absolutely MUST tell you that it excites the heck out of me when I see Influence: Boot Camp participants getting everything they deserve in life. They come, they learn, they work hard, they help others, they make a difference in the community, they change lives and they are richly rewarded for it.

So what will happen to you?

Now, I'm going to show you exactly what to do.

Influencing Everyone You Choose

Kevin Hogan Unlocking Their Mind.

Every mind has a keyhole. I'm giving you an entire set of skeleton keys.

And if you determine your own income, I'm going to show you how to make a LOT more sales by seeing fewer people with NO extra work, and in fact, will reduce the total time it takes you to communicate your message so much it will probably scare you.

All of the above happens in a pre-set framework that begins the minute we begin on Wednesday. There is no ambiguity. This is the method.

1) You are an Influential Force

...and if you aren't now, you will be by April 30, 2016!

This is one of a few things you are about to learn which I've never revealed in the past.

It begins with what you think, do, activate, and set into motion before the encounter. For me this is more time intensive than anything that ever happens face to face.

Kevin Hogan Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Compelling Persuasion You're going to learn a literal step-by-step process of what to do before you leave your office or home to meet whoever you're going to be connecting with.

The process is comprehensive. I've never had a serious opportunity to open up about this in the past. It is, after all, rather personal. What happens prior to First Contact is big. Is it the most important piece of the influence puzzle? In most situations, the answer is of course, "yes."

Thus, as far as everything that leads up to an encounter, we're going to go there in depth. I will give you detailed examples from various aspects of life. I've never read about this in a book or seen it demonstrated or even talked about. It is what makes YOU the most important influential factor when you meet them. That's rarely the case with 99% of Influencers.

Operating at random is no longer optional.

I will physically demonstrate this Pre-Contact phase in each detail, as if you are NOT in the audience. I will walk you through the most intimate thought sequences and patterns of behavior that generate elements of Self that people want to stand next to instead of in opposition to.

This isn't about being "prepared," or knowing your material, or what you are going to say. It goes far beyond any surface structure. It's the one "hard to put a finger on it - factor" that people ask me about most. "But I'm not you, how do I do that?" You'll know before lunch on Wednesday!

I want to take you through more than a few real life scenarios. Before the big meeting, before going to The Club. Before seeing the client. You're going to find out what is at the core of the influential person and how to wrap your Self around that core and then bring it out of your home or office into the real world.

I want you to exude authority, magnetism, certainty, knowledge, competence and command respect.

I want people to describe you as charismatic, whether you are or not.

I want you to be instantly respected and typically liked by most everyone you meet.

There will be a very cool experiential piece here so you can take this home and DO this in your life.

Material that is particularly personal will be demonstrated, but you won't be doing anything all that personal with other participants. That will all wait for you to return home. But for everything that we can do at the event, you will have a force of gentle but strong presence when you depart.

2) First Contact

Kevin Hogan Persuasion Expert After you have become a serious force from within, you must identify with the other person or group. You're now arriving at the office, the date, your presentation, your negotiation.

What specifically has to happen at First Contact? Is this the part that is about what you should wear? Sure. That matters. Is this the part where we deal with "breaking the ice?" Yes. That's a tiny piece, as well. But anyone can read a book about impression management and be able to pull that off. First Contact is critical.

It really encompasses the other person falling into you. These early moments are where you meet them in their world and then you take them to another world. This isn't anything like rapport. First Contact is respect, appreciation and rapture.

This moment is significantly different from what you have in mind right now. The thing of it is, the moment could be contentious and difficult for the other person. It could be difficult or unsettling for you. You're about to experience just how to shift those contentious moments and jettison them when necessary.

Each element will be demonstrated.

You'll get an opportunity to engage in a few important First Contact experiences after they've been demonstrated by me at the front of the room. What might have been "uncomfortable yesterday," now becomes rather S.O.P. and familiar.

This is a skill you can model from what you've experienced and really meet someone in a way that causes them to perceive you in a more valuable light.

3) Identification

Some experts will argue that identification is the most important aspect of influence. It's certainly the single most misunderstood element of influencing others.

People want to do things with and for those for whom they feel connected to. This is not about rapport. Identification occurs when there is an almost unyielding connection. Identification remain relatively constant through time.

I will demonstrate how to create Identification between you and almost any other person. I'll show you the common mistakes people do trying to identify with others. You'll see how to instantly eliminate all of them.

Beyond the surface, there is also a mental framework that is necessary to actually accomplish this outcome. It's not simply finding out whether they are a Christian or a Jew. It's not about Republican vs. Democrat. It's far more profound than that. It's much more powerful than a surface connection.

It's here, in this moment, that the other person will do almost anything for you. Or at least they will if you have mastered connecting the identifying threads between you and them.

The probability of people complying with you when they identify strongly with you (and yes there are definitely links, some links that are weaker than others) is dramatically increased. With some aspects of identification in certain contexts, it's very, very difficult to fail at gaining agreement.

4) Changing their Frame of Mind and then Changing their Mind

Influence Las Vegas Boot Camp: Changing Minds This is probably the most difficult of the elements of influence and once again, no one talks about it in a fashion that matters in causing people to want to have you there with them.

You're going to learn effective and predictable methods to change frames and change minds. I'll personally demonstrate numerous examples and then let you do this.

You'll find out how to take the person from a defensive state of mind to a compliant or agreeable state of mind in as little as 20 - 40 seconds, or as much as a few minutes.

This element requires a significant amount of precision in your preparation (as you will learn in #1 above, on day one). Once you have this skill, your ability to influence is elevated.

Intentional State Transformation is a strong skill to master. The goal is not ever to take someone from being sad to happy in an instant. That's not psychologically sound. But the ability to consistently and predictably move someone from distrust to trust is instantly useful and you'll be able to do just that and you WILL do that at Boot Camp.

5) Timing

Timing can be everything. Whether you ask in this moment or the next. Whether you leave a pause It's important to have a timing style that is unique to your Self, but you must know how to use timing.

Things like the day you ask for the date, the time of the day, the time of the month, the time on the wall, they all matter. They matter a great deal. Understanding self regulation alone can dramatically allow you to be more influential. Timing includes but goes beyond these important factors.

You want to know when to pause. You must know how long to pause. You must know what to say or do when a pause is complete. You want to know how to learn to develop a repertoire of timing tools. You will do just this and you'll get a chance to see them demonstrated before you get to actually use them in the real world. You will quickly find out the difference between what works and why.

Timing factors in influence go beyond the moment. They go into the past and into the future. You'll need to access the past and the future quite often in influence. You'll learn how to do it. Then you'll see it demonstrated. Then you'll get a chance to do it your Self.

Influence Boot Camp: Compliance

6) The Keys to the Building

When you ask for the keys to the building, just because you asked, you want the person to hand them over. Being able to project that deserved trust without offering it up front, is critical.

How do you cause people to trust you without somehow "insuring" it?

When this is demonstrated and you've replicated it, you'll generally have the keys simply by holding your hand out. You will breakthrough without resistance!

7) Reducing or Defusing Reactance

Reactance is the fear of being manipulated to where something will be lost. That something could be the freedom of choice. It could be losing choices or options. Reactance is also the fear of being manipulated and by extension facing the consequences of being manipulated.

When you are taken advantage of, you feel embarrassed or humiliated. Those feelings you've experienced in the past trigger memory circuitry in what the brain perceives as similar situations far into the future.

Kevin Hogan Reactance is not an "objection" to your proposal. It's their PAST talking to you. They don't even know what they are saying! It's 10 times bigger and it's something that generally requires contextual change to turn a "no" into agreement.

That sounds easy but it's not always easy to make that happen in real life.

I will demonstrate many examples of reactance. You'll see how to overcome this greatest of all fears and you'll have a catalog of ways to reduce resistance when you don't have the opportunity to completely change the context.

The reason people experience "no" more often than not is caused by reactance. Without pulling the plug on reactance, the greatest "pitch" in the world, delivered by the cutest face in the room, with all the perfect triggers will be fruitless.

You'll get a chance to feel reactance and you'll see why it is so difficult to overcome for people who have never been taught what it is. This invisible force field can be turned off and in fact it can be used to your favor in some but not all cases.

This will be... rather exciting.

8) My Personal Favorite Techniques

Be prepared to learn technique after technique to increase compliance and build long term relationships.

These are my favorite "techniques." These include the pieces of behavior I personally default to when my nonconscious is running the mind. They are also those that I remind myself to use when I really need someone to comply and for some reason 1 - 7 above didn't accomplish that goal.

The techniques are all tested and proven. Some are brand new and some are simply the most effective things you can do in any given moment to cause someone to move forward with whatever it is you are suggesting.

I'm going to demonstrate technique after technique during Influence: Boot Camp. You'll replicate many that can be tested before the end of the event. The rest you'll take home.

"Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?"

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp

Yes! Return your manual and notes immediately before I close the morning session on the first day of the event and your tuition will be refunded on the spot. No exceptions will be made. You will not simply be blown away but you will be able to engage each and every skill you learn. That's how important this is to you...and to me.

"Boot Camp: Absolutely loved the week in Vegas! I have been to all kinds of bootcamps etc. and quite honestly everyday by 3:00pm perhaps, I would be drifting off or justifying in my mind why I needed to leave early because keeping my attention all day is quite a task and I have to say, those thoughts never entered my mind. All of your material was great! I heard nothing but great comments from everyone there."

Judy Munroe, Alpharetta, GA


Can I record the event?

Not in any way. BUT DO BRING A CELL PHONE or CAMCORDER for some exercises you WILL be given permission to record.

Can I bring my partner or spouse?

You bet. They typically can come at a significantly reduced price. Register, then email kevin(at) for information on how to get your spouse in.

How should I dress?

Business casual or Nice Casual. No coat is required. Look nice. Women should bring a sweater or light jacket as meeting rooms in Las Vegas run cool. You want to look good because you never know who will show up at Boot Camp that you'll want to have a photo opp with...

Hearing or Visually Impaired? Handicapped accessible?

Let me know NOW, so we can bring you headphones and/or we'll seat you in the front row. Once the event has begun there is nothing we can do. All of my events are handicapped accessible.

Can I meet people the night before the event so I know people when I walk in the door?

Yes. For first timers this is a great idea. Email me before the event and I'll send you details.

Every year people say, "This was the best Boot Camp ever."

But I have a secret.

It probably was the best for them, but for me I have an agenda every year. Part of the agenda is to provide a great experience. The most recent great experience someone has is generally what they single out as "the best." (This, by the way, is a very cool tool of influence. Just sit and think about it for a second!)

Kevin Hogan on Changing from No to Yes.

Choose The VIP
- or -
The Deluxe Package
for Influence: Boot Camp!

Influence: Boot Camp is $4,997 at the door.

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Receive TWO Boot Camp Participants-only certificates (codes) for 50% off the ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICE of ANY PROGRAM in the store. You'll save from $30 to $1,998.50 depending on your choices. Kevin's gift to you. 

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Receive TWO certificates for FREE 1/2 hour teleconsulting sessions. You are on Kevin Hogan's appointment calendar - twice for 30 minutes each time. Ask Kevin to help you take what you've discovered at Boot Camp and make it a reality. Take advantage of this special bonus - you'll never get it anywhere else! $950 Kevin's gift to you.  

Influence Boot Camp Bonus

Be part of an elite group of influencers that will meet once each month for six months AFTER Boot Camp on a teleconference to get the latest in influence research and developments. Six (6) sixty-minute sessions. $600 Kevin's gift to you. 

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Sit down at Dinner with Kevin Hogan You and a select number of guests will sit down with Kevin for an elegant dinner one evening during Boot Camp. This is your chance to have an intimate conversation with Kevin on the topic of your choice. You will not get this opportunity in any other way. $ Priceless Kevin's gift to you.  

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Not only do you get to have dinner with Kevin Hogan, you will be his VIP guest at a major Las Vegas Show! You and a select number of guests will attend a spectacular Vegas show. Have a night on the town on us! $250.00 Kevin's gift to you.  


Influence Boot Camp Bonus

WOW! Three 1-on-1 full hour telementoring sessions with Kevin! Receive THREE certificates for One hour teleconsulting sessions. These sessions are with Kevin Hogan, not a staff member! With Kevin. You get to use Kevin's brain to strategize ideas you've learned from Boot Camp. Or your own ideas that you want to expand. Take advantage of this special bonus - you'll never get it anywhere else! Whether you want the final power boost on your sales presentation, help with your sales letter or the right strategy for getting what you want in life, you'll get it as a gift for being a VIP Influence: Boot Camp Participant. $2850 Kevin's gift to you.  

Total of Kevin's VIP gifts above if you were to pay retail today? $6,648.50 Total value of Boot Camp and VIP gifts: $11,645.50!

The VIP Package is only $2,497!

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp - & One on One Telementoring with Kevin Hogan

If you'd like, you can pay just $697 today, plus

3 easy installments of $697 beginning February 15, 2016

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp & Telementoring Pkg in Installments

Pre-Register now to get all the gifts with your ticket!

- or -

...if you prefer, go ahead and take advantage of the Influence Deluxe Package for only $1,777

Kevin Hogan on Changing from No to Yes.

Please accept these gifts as part of The Deluxe Package simply because you took the time to register right now.

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Receive TWO Boot Camp Participants-only certificates (codes) for 50% off the ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICE of ANY PROGRAM in the store. You'll save from $30 to $1,998.50 depending on your choices. Kevin's gift to you. 

Influence Boot Camp Bonus Receive TWO certificates for FREE 1/2 hour teleconsulting sessions. You are on Kevin Hogan's appointment calendar - twice for 30 minutes each time. Ask Kevin to help you take what you've discovered at Boot Camp and make it a reality. Take advantage of this special bonus - you'll never get it anywhere else! $950 Kevin's gift to you.  

Influence Boot Camp Bonus

Be part of an elite group of influencers that will meet once each month for six months AFTER Boot Camp on a teleconference to get the latest in influence research and developments. Six (6) sixty-minute sessions. $600 Kevin's gift to you. 

Total of Kevin's gifts above if you were to pay retail today? $3,548.50 + Total value of Boot Camp plus Deluxe Package gifts: $8545.50!

Register now and you receive the 350+ page, Influence: Boot Camp Desk Top Manual for free!

The Boot Camp Deluxe Package! You experience all of the gifts, Kevin Hogan and Influence: Boot Camp for only $1,777!

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp

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11 easy monthly installments of $177

Kevin Hogan's Influence Boot Camp Pay in Installments

Pre-Register now to get all the gifts with your ticket! Ask us how to get your partner in for a special low rate as well.

P.S. There are no comps, passes or further discounted admissions.

Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your first half day of Influence: Boot Camp, return your manual and notes immediately before I close the final morning session on the first day before lunch and your tuition will be refunded on the spot. No exceptions will be made.

Reserve Your Place for the Rest of Your Life, Today!

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