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You Are Who Google Says You Are

by Julie Broad

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Create your own brand name for yourself and consistently use that in all your marketing, conversations and online profiles.

Internet Marketing Concepts It's been almost ten years since I lived or purchased real estate in Toronto. Despite the big gap in activity, I still remember Margie K.

The funny part is that Margie K wasn't even my realtor. She was my friend's realtor.

Her last name is long and very difficult to spell, so she went with Margie K.

Smart move. It worked.

If you Google 'Margie K Realtor' the entire page is full of links that lead you to her.

Do you know who Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is? It's not the actress Kate Hudson. Katy Perry knew there was potential for confusion, so she created a stage name to brand her music with.

You may know Business Coach and Consultant Deborah Cole. She's often at Kevin Hogan's Influence Bootcamp. She goes by Coach Deb. When she's networking, that is how she introduces herself. That's her Twitter handle. Her website is Her name is simple, personable and concise. Coach Deb is easy and smart branding.

If your name is not easy or memorable, or you're competing with someone with the same name for online space, come up with another way for people to remember and refer to you.

B - What will people find when they do Google You?

Make sure you're paying attention to ALL the results that show up under your name. Go deep into the pages with results ... review all the search results, including images, news and website links.

If you aren't showing up in the first three links when someone searches your name, then you need to do a better job of controlling your online real estate. But even more concerning is that if something appears that you're not happy about, you need to do everything in your power to change or remove it (remove tags on Facebook photos, delete the source of the content, or bury that link for example).


If you own the property where the photo, comment or link exists, the solution is simple. Delete it.

If you don't own the site, you can contact the owner and politely ask for it to be removed. Be sure to explain why. As Coffee readers know already, the word 'because' is very a very powerful persuasion tool.

In a few cases, however, you might be stuck with the unfavorable news story, or the forum comment you posted too hastily. In those situations, you can try contacting Google and asking them to not show that content, but your best bet is to bury that result deep into the pages of Google with content that is in alignment with your brand.

What does bury a link mean?

Coming up: How to 'bury' that info.: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Photo source: Copyright: kzenon / 123RF Stock Photo

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Kevin Hogan
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3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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