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Kevin Hogan
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Getting What You Want in Life:
It Sounds Easy...So Why Doesn't It Usually Work Out & What Can YOU Really Have?

(Part 1)

By Kevin Hogan

Fierce Woman It's the promise of...well just about everyone out there: You can Have "It" whatever "it" is....

Can you really?

Can you get what you want?

Key Point: The realistic truth is that you CAN have most of what you want in life.

You aren't going to win the Powerball $100,000,000 lottery, so don't bother. You aren't going to be a billionaire, and frankly you probably wouldn't want to be.

And for the most part, you can have pretty much what you want.

Obviously if you want "him" or "her" you need a scenario where they want you as well!

This is true in business and in personal relationships.

Just Do It You really can achieve, not just if you "want it" but if you do indeed, DO IT.

Almost every person, place or thing you want, that you do not currently possess, is within reach but each requires something to change in your life, your world, your environment.

And the truth is that every change is really easy to begin and then it requires self discipline to maintain.

Seeing what you want is easy. You can do that sitting down. You can effectively plan, also sitting down. BUT then come the daily sustained actions, over time, that require you to behave in some way that is different for you to have X, whatever X is.

Hopefully that got all the "lookers" to stop reading.

This series of articles is really for you.

You're someone who can see what they want and then commit to daily acquisitive actions.

But even you and I are resistant to change. too. And that's important to note for two reasons.

First, you must recognize that everyone has a comfort zone, valuable or devastating as it may be.

Second, those changes poorly considered, can really muck things up. That's why a good simple plan is worth it's weight in gold.

In order to defeat that resistance it's necessary to know why it is there and then once you know resistance inside and out, planning to work through it is really quite simple. No "why" means no victory.

Why Are You So Resistant to Change?

There’s a bunch of reasons beginning with your genes, filling your jeans and ending up in your brain...

In this three part series, you discover out the biggies, then you find out what to do about it.

Go here first:

Have you ever avoided doing something, even though it would make you feel good and help you accomplish a goal?

For example, let’s suppose you know you should start eating lower calorie meals.

So why is it that you eat fewer calories for a few weeks …but then before you know it you’re sitting on the couch...having given up?

Familiarity is Safe

No matter how appealing change sounds – whether it’s losing weight, making more money, or acquiring things you’ve always wanted – staying in your rut means you stay safe.

You've heard me talk about familiarity forever. Why? It's your number one challenge you face.

You can't fail if you don't change. Almost everyone hates to fail. I certainly don't enjoy it, I just recognize it's going to predictably happen within aspects of most endeavors. It's like rain in Seattle. It's not a terrible thing, it's just something you know is going to happen.

You know the hamster wheel keeps on spinning every day with predictable outcomes and benefits. And it FEELS a LOT SAFER than it really is...

Let’s face it – the unknown is scary. And it causes enough fear at both the conscious and unconscious level to shut down the logic of growing, evolving and change.

Humans quickly develop the instinct/intuition to do NOTHING which you are not familiar with that may have caused insecurity in the past.

This happens for a simple reason.

Neuron You are born with trillions of neural connections in the brain. In just a couple of years MOST of those connections have atrophied through being told what not to do.

Don't misunderstand, your parents probably did right by you most of the time.

Unfortunately when change is not encouraged and relished early on, those behaviors are literally extinguished. They vanish right out of the brain. Figuratively and literally.

What's left in the brain after atrophy, is FAMILIAR. do this right or you waste your life... this...: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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