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Eat Less, Live Longer

Kevin Hogan

76% of American's say it's OK to be overweight...and that's probably true if their lives don't matter. In the past year more research about obesity, diabetes and mortality has been released than ever before. The facts are in. Being overweight is more deadly than smoking cigarettes. Obesity will cost a person 5-13 years of life. Obese (approximately) means you are about 20 pounds over your ideal weight.

This week, more research has been released which may help shed even more light on this heavy issue...

Dieters got a bit of hope on Friday from a study that shows a change in a single gene in mice allows them to eat as much as they want while staying thin -- and living longer in the bargain.

Many studies have shown that animals live longer when they eat, on average, about 30 percent less than normal. The findings have led scientists to speculate that people, too, can extend their lives by dieting.

But no one quite understands why semi-starvation can help an animal live longer. Studies suggest it seems to have something to do with insulin and metabolism. One theory has been that if an animal eats less, the body produces fewer cell-damaging "free radicals" as a byproduct of metabolizing food.

Dr. C. Ronald Kahn of the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School and colleagues genetically engineered a mouse that lacked a gene called fat-specific insulin receptor. This change limited the action of insulin on fat cells.

The mice, which they nicknamed FIRKO mice (for fat-specific insulin receptor knock-outs), fed freely without gaining much fat and also lived longer than normal mice.

They had 50 to 70 percent less fat, no matter what they ate, and also were less likely to develop diabetes than normal mice. They lived on average 134 days, or 18 percent longer than normal mice. By the age of 30 months half the normal mice had died but 80 percent of the FIRKO mice were still alive.

Writing in the journal Science, Kahn and colleagues said their research suggests it might be something unique to fat that affects life span in animals.

"The concept that most people thought about is that free radical damage might be coming from dietary toxins," Kahn said in a telephone interview. "I don't know whether the free radical theory is out, but we need to think about, could fat itself be producing something that might be leading to free radical damage."


Insulin is of course key to life -- people with type-1 diabetes, who do not produce insulin, will die without regular injections of the hormone. Kahn said his mice survived well because their bodies block the action of insulin in just one place -- the fat cells.

"Insulin has actions on many tissues -- on glucose metabolism, liver, on muscle, even on the beta cells that make insulin," he said. The FIRKO mice still had all these functions.

Insulin's role in fat is to help fat storage. Kahn believes that if his FIRKO mice were starved, they probably would not survive as well as normal mice, which have a life-saving layer of fat.

Scientists believe humans are prone to putting on extra fat because they evolved during times of starvation that winnowed out those who did not put on enough fat.

Nowadays this is not so vital and Kahn believes it might be possible to design a drug that would have the same effect as turning off this gene.

"These pathways are very similar in people, and in terms of metabolism in general it has been very true that a lot of the lessons we learned from mice and rats and dogs have been pretty applicable to humans," he said.

"The question in humans is, could we produce a drug that would have these effects that would knock out insulin signaling, but only in one tissue -- fat. In theory this could be done."

Kahn said he is looking for a biotechnology company or pharmaceutical specialist to work with to try and design such a drug. In the meantime, he also wants to study fat cells to see what it is they do that might affect life span.

The Dateline Weight Loss Challenge Results

The competitors:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Slim Fast
  • Atkins diet
  • Extreme exercise
  • Hypnosis
  • Jorge Cruise weight-loss program
The participant with the most impressive record was Marc, a pastry chef, who used hypnosis to lose 13 pounds in a single week. You can read the complete article here: MSNBC

With this program, Dateline demonstrated hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public. It was a terrific way for people to see the powerful and effective ways that hypnosis can help program your mind for success.

Other results:

Lynne - extreme exercise and a daily 1,300-calorie diet.
Her weight did not change in three months.

Mark "Gio" - used the Slim Fast diet
After 1 week on Slim Fast "Gio" gained 3 pounds.

Kathy - did Weight Watchers, stayed under 20 points/day
Lost 4.8 pounds in one week ("I starved all week.")

Eleanor - at 300 pounds used an 8 min. weight workout
Eleanor lost three pounds in the first week.

Rick - followed the Atkins low-carb diet. Also exercise
Lost 13 pounds

Marc, using hypnosis, reported that he did not suffer while dieting. He was happy. He felt good and it happened naturally.

After 3 months...

Kathy... lost 18 pounds.

Eleanor... lost 24 pounds.

Lynne... lost 14 pounds

Marc... lost 40 pounds
(And didn't suffer during that time.)

Marc reports that he's very happy with the hypnotist. He's motivated and doesn't feel like anything is holding him back. He now enjoys exercising and has developed a greater love for healthy, nutritious food. In fact, he says he wants to, rather than feeling he ought to. All he wants now is healthy food, he says.

Dateline presented an objective look at the different weight loss methods available to the public today. It was very interesting how hypnosis was demonstrated to be effective and fast. Hypnosis is painlessm, and effective in programming the mind to feel good and desire naturally good foods and healthy diet and lifestyle.

You can utilize the powers of hypnosis and a healthy active lifestyle. Newly released:

Lose Weight with Hypnosis: The Home Based Program on CD

by Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

Lose weight with hypnosis Even if you've never been able to lose weight before you are more than likely to now. You already know that weight loss is an elusive goal. Now find out what you can do to lose 20 pounds and three inches in approximately 9 weeks.

Goals, will power, a fad diet and a positive mental attitude are not enough to take inches off. They never work and they never will.

This home based program is based upon the actual RESULTS of over 2000 people in four states who have utilized this program. (All original research is included in this program!)

You are going to receive six CD's. The first two CD's show you exactly how to work the program and chart your progress. The final four CD's are the high powered self hypnosis CD's that will help you realize your outcome. This is not your typical hypnosis for weight loss program. This program is based on actual results from people just like you ...and me. Yes I was once in 42's...not anymore. 36's are back and have been for six years.

This program will take you through the process of re-programming your mind so you can create new stimulus responses to food, hunger urges, locations and unconscious reasons you eat. The program addresses the CORE REASONS that weight is staying on the body and it will not change until the TWO key mental programs start running differently.

Now you can begin to feel better as you realize that your weight will begin to fade yourself a new sense of pride and a slimmer look. This program was developed and scientifically researched by the author. The median weight loss for participants at 8 weeks is 19 pounds!!! Now it's your turn.

Over 2000+ participants have benefited from this program.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
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(612) 616-0732

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