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How They Change You

By Kevin Hogan

Page 4

Do They Use Subliminal Influence on You?

This is pretty cool...

Motivation is influenced subliminallyUsing subliminal technology, researchers subliminally cued people immediately before doing an anagram task. Those cued for nonconscious goal achievement did much better on the anagram solving than did those subliminally cued for apathy.

If you can activate a goal in a brain, you can move a person in the direction of accomplishment.

But what if there are others involved? How important is "rapport?"

In the same study, subjects didn't experience being matched/paced (nonverbal rapport building) by the behavior of a confederate who stated that they were going to work toward a goal and it was found that those students who were not nonverbally paced by the confederate...showed a motivational loss for the project.

Where no "rapport" was experienced, even with similar goals, motivation to accomplish the goal dropped.

Interestingly, verbal connection was made in the study, but what was missing was literal mimicking of behavior.

In other words, the failure of one person to mimic the body language of another person is enough of a trigger nonconsciously to cause lack of motivation and withdrawal from doing something.

That's how crucial and literal support often needs to be in an environment for people to succeed!

Influence Conflict

You've probably already figured out that all of this means that when there is a person in the environment with a goal, and another without, there is a good chance that conflict will occur between the two.

There is also a fair chance that if the two people are friends or live together, that the person with the goal and the nonconscious reaction of the other person to that person and the goal is enough to create long term conflict between the two.

None of this is conscious but the research bears out that this is indeed what often happens.

Pursuit of X all by itself, whether it is creating a piece of art, watching the game on TV tonight, wanting to get to the store before it closes, or wanting to grow a project into a business, all can generate conflict between two people and neither of them will be aware of that fact, probably ever.

One researcher argued that ONE person holding the goals and moving toward them is enough to generate conflict all by itself because implicitly (nonconsciously) the person with the goal is used to people rebelling and arguing with him while in pursuit of goals....he expects this behavior from others...and "offers" nonverbal cues with complete UN-awareness that then triggers reactions in some people around him!

From an evolutionary standpoint, being focused on a goal and awareness of the environment around a goal being achieved could cause the difference between life and death on the spot. Those wanting to help achieve the goal of the capture of dinner...experienced activation of similar goals in their minds. Those wanting to stay home and watch on the cave walls probably caused ire in the minds of those who wanted to go and get dinner.

Considering that these behaviors and experiences can be triggered shows that it's not always an individual in whom a person is antagonistic can literally be that the person is in pursuit of a goal, the goal itself or simply the cues being interpreted by others from the person in pursuit of the goal.

The key to deflecting THEIR subliminal cues...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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