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The Korea Interview:
Marketing You

Kevin Hogan, interviewed by Sean Yoon, an editor of Unitas BRAND in Korea

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5. Have you heard about the brand, 'Toms Shoes? What do you think the basic desire of human the brand is stimulating?

Tom's Shoes wires into two core drivers. First, the desire to belong or be accepted. That's what unique clothing does for people. It is a "sign" that says, "Hey I'm wearing these clothes just like you so I'm just like you and I want to be accepted by you and your group." That's the first thing...Tom is doing.

The second desire it wires into is altruism. The drive to do good for no obvious reason. They give away a pair of shoes when one pair is bought. The nature of the shoe will change over time, but this brand could last a very, very long time.

6. What brand is the most manic? What addiction codes does the brand have? And how is the brand stimulating the consumers, in your thinking?

Kevin Hogan on Covert Influence Brands like Mac tell others you are superior to the 94% of people who use PC's. Mac users are part of a collective like a beehive or a "cult." They are easily recognized when they have their laptop with them. They all belong. They are instant friends.

Rosetta Stone is a solid brand that takes advantage of the drive to learn/curiosity. A brand will succeed when it is paired with pleasure and a core desire. It will succeed if it reduces the flight/fight response and it is paired with a core desire.

7. What is the best way to read a consumer's mind?

The consumers mind is really pretty easy to "read" or to "know."

All of us are concerned about the same things. We want some combination of sex, knowledge, power, goodness/altruism, we all want to belong, most people have a desire for physical activity. Although the drivers exist in each person on a continuum, which can include a driver with a polar (opposing direction) response, most people want roughly the same things. We want to be out of pain and fear and we want to experience pleasure.

That said, we want to be out of pain and fear a great deal more than we want pleasure. Finer distinctions happen as you brand yourself or a product.

You or your product fulfill specific needs of other people so you will inherently have an attraction to the same kind of people over and over again. They will have an attraction to you or your product once awareness of the product, experience with the product and the triggering of a drive paired with reduced pain/fear and/or increased pleasure has occurred.

Why is the persuasion paradigm a powerful tool?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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