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The Korea Interview:
Marketing You

Kevin Hogan, interviewed by Sean Yoon, an editor of Unitas BRAND in Korea

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2. Could you please tell us what MAP(Mind Access Point) is?

Kevin Hogan on Covert InfluenceA "MAP" is something I discuss in one of my books. It is a Mind Access Point. You have all these defense barriers up against anything new. People are fearful of what they are not familiar with. Mind Access Points might be literal places in the brain, but I doubt it. They are metaphorical doors into the mind where you can enter and talk with someone in their mind.

3. How do you think consumers are addicted to a certain brand? Namely, why they buy a specific brand continuously?

Consumers become "addicted" to brands the same way they become addicted to everything else. We are all addicted to many, many things. Addiction happens when the brain rewards itself by causing the body to participate in activities that make it feel very, very good. The brain "wants" these things regularly.

Typically when people think of addiction, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes all come to mind. But those are simply a few things that are addictive. Gambling, seeing a glass of water after being in the desert for two days, sex, all kinds of experiences release this "Dopamine Rush" in the brain and makes you feel so good you want to do "it" again and again and again. That is addiction. Addiction is neither good nor bad. It is a normal human experience.

People buy brands because they are rewarded by using that brand in potentially many different ways. Maybe someone sees you wear a stylish pair of jeans and you sense they are thinking, "Wow, he has style" or, "She is hot." Those senses cause that dopamine rush, the brain, to be in a feel-good chemical bath, that you and I want to experience over and over and over again!

My job as a consultant is to help companies and people (that I personally like and find valuable) find ways to create addictions to their brands. Once you are addicted to a specific girl or guy, a brand of cigarettes, anything, every time you see that "thing" or person there is a chemical "pre-rush" in the brain.

This is why people feel better when they are on their way to go see the Doctor. They hurt at home, they get to the Doctor's office and they feel better before they see the Doctor, just knowing that he will help them feel better. The brain is rewarding you in advance because it is convinced you will be at the Doctor's office. One of the things that happens in the chemical bath of the brain is pain reduction of all kinds.

4. There are lots of brands which arouse 'the sixteen basic desires of humans' and are very successful. Could you please name 2 or 3 brands that could be good examples for this (brand, arousing the sixteen basic desires of humans)? And what basic desire they (the successful brands) are stimulating?

Arguably all good brands, successful brands, arouse at least one of the 16 Desires. Men can just TOUCH a woman's lingerie (no woman necessary) and his desire is triggered. He becomes aroused.

Kevin Hogan on Covert InfluenceStarbucks doesn't succeed solely because its Coffee is good, it succeeds because there is a scent in the air that pairs with the feeling of being part of a community or a collective group. When you go to Starbucks you get that "chemical bath." It is simple addiction, not to the caffeine but to the feeling of belongingness that is triggered.

People feel more secure seeing the little sign that says their home is protected by a security company. That reduces the flight or flight drive and causes us to feel more tranquil. That's another drive. If that sign disappeared one day, you would experience a great deal of fear and would be compelled to go replace it.

What's the best way to read a consumer's mind?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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