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The Korea Interview:
Marketing You

Kevin Hogan, interviewed by Sean Yoon, an editor of Unitas BRAND in Korea

The interview with Kevin Hogan

The Questions and Answers

1. By and large, you talk about 'customer's unconsciousness and the application of it in sales' throughout your books. Did you have any special motivation to start this study? Namely, why we should focus on the unconsciousness?

Kevin Hogan on Covert InfluenceYou could make the argument that there are three parts to the brain/mind. First there is your conscious mind. It is probably aware and probably makes decisions and thinks. Most people immediately think, "Well of course!" but the fact is that many, many scientists do not believe that humans are conscious. For example, you often answer questions or speak out before you have thought about what you are going to say.

Brain scanning shows that these reactions occur BEFORE the question or information is processed in the thinking part of the brain. That's why people often say things they don't "mean to say," because their conscious mind would never say those things. Certainly most of our behavior is nonconscious and only occasionally do you "catch up to your words" and "catch yourself" saying something foolish, wishing you could take your words back. The part of the mind that realizes these errors is the conscious mind.

... The second part of the mind/brain is the unconscious mind. This is a storehouse of memory, experiences, an ever changing data base of memories that change a little every time you consider them. Some scientists argue there is no unconscious mind at all, that there is simply a nonconscious mind. I disagree. I believe there is a difference because I can retrieve unconscious memory; I can't retrieve nonconscious instincts, drives and desires. In my mind, :-), there is a significant difference.

Then there is the nonconscious mind and this is the "plastic hardware" of the brain. That means you have a lot of desires (sex, flight from fear, to eat, acquisition, to belong, etc.) that are pre-wired in to your brain almost at conception....or at conception. That wiring is not quite like the wiring for your television because it does reshape itself over time, but not as much as most people wish or think it might. So you have three parts of the mind: Conscious, Unconscious, Nonconscious.

Most of the things I teach are related to the nonconscious part of the brain. Although I was a Debate Team Member when I went to school, debate, argument, selling are all conscious mind functions. You are debating! Those are the kinds of conversations that are interesting but typically long lasting and non productive.

My work focuses on reducing resistance and lowering barriers in the nonconscious mind so that people behave without as much fear, with increased liking for you, and are willing to act more freely on their positive desires.

Why are consumers addicted to certain brands?...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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