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Covert Influence...
Interruptions Change Decisions

Kevin Hogan

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Liu conducted four different studies where participants made purchase choices for high-priced luxuries, high-risk investments, or hikes.

She discovered that people who are interrupted in a decision-making process shift their focus from a bottom-up, detail-oriented, and price-conscious process to one that is more top-down, goal-oriented, and price-INsensitive.

After interruptions, people focus more on quality, satisfaction, and desirability than on feasibility and price.

"By taking a break from processing a decision, when the person resumes he/she is able to attend to information in a more selective and organized manner. Consequently, the person focuses on his/her primary goals in the decision," writes Liu.

In today's low-attention-span world, interruptions are a way of life. Liu's study has implications for consumers and the companies that market to them. "Whether you choose to have an exotic vacation, invest in high-risk stocks, or buy that big plasma TV may depend on whether you were interrupted when making the decision," writes Liu.

[Liu et al. Focusing on Desirability: The Effect of Decision Interruption and Suspension on Preferences. Journal of Consumer Research]


Write this down:

Pre-Interruption people most often think Bottom Up, Detail Oriented, and Price Conscious. They are thinking price feasibility.

Post-Interruption people think Top Down, They become Goal Oriented. Desires become the key. Price feasability is NOT what people are thinking about.

Interruption: Understanding How Covert Influence is Used - The Big Picture

Let's begin with the big picture.

  • What color should your website be to optimize sales?

  • What color should you wear to be seen as attractive?

  • What's the best hand gesture to use to build rapport?

  • What's.....

Kevin Hogan on Covert Persuasion and Influence The fact is that if everyone's website were white, then there would be no way to distinguish one X from another.

If everyone wore the same color, we'd all be in prison or private school. (No jokes....)

If we all used the same gestures, we'd all be seen as identical.

What causes influence is rarely a specific sequence of words.

To be sure, there are certain words that in the English language have proven to be more influential than others. Words like "because," "now," "don't," or a person's own name.

But when everyone starts using the same words, clothes, lipstick, broker, religion - the potency of that choice is reduced.

You must INTERRUPT what everyone else is doing and be the change.

Want an example? ...

Here's how you change it around!: Page | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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