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A Million Interruptions:
Controlling The Hidden Power of Interruption

Kevin Hogan

Body Language: No They pick up their phone and look at their message. They see the message about a stressful challenge at the office. Or maybe a friend has a problem. Maybe it's their daughter. Now the phone is right in their face and YOU are going to be the next thing they see after they see that stressful challenge. Generally one emotion is tagged immediately into their very next experience.

Almost certainly, you experience this everyday yourself.

And obviously when it comes to important conversations, these interruptions often do a lot more damage than you wish they would.

Interruptions don't simply push "pause" on a conversation, they dramatically CHANGE the conversation.

And obviously you can't stop the interruption.

YOU have a problem.

If you knew how often an interruption messed your life/business up, you'd banish them forever...if you could.

They happen every single day when you are in the process of persuading someone. Sometimes they cause an almost instant "yes." Because most people don't know how to optimize an interruption, they most often end up with an instant "no."

But it's not the interruption that typically determines "yes" or "no." It is the INSTANT and astute USE of the interruption that will determine "yes." And SOMETIMES, it pays to have an interruption planned in advance.

That's right, there are lots of opportunities and sometimes, the ONLY opportunity to save a situation is with a well timed interruption.

Consider this. Last week The President was being compared to Richard Nixon. He disliked the comparison so much he addressed it publicly. The heat was on. There was no way to really defend against something that appeared to be so crystal.

A few days later everyone had forgotten Benghazi and Nixon comparisons.

What happened?

It was made public that the IRS had targeted evil Tea Party nonprofits. These are many of the people that were making the President's life very difficult.

The President took the interruption and made it A BIG INTERRUPTION. He fired the IRS big shot and all of a sudden Benghazi and Nixon were off the front page.

Humans have a hard time keeping their mind on more than one thing at a time. The IRS scandal will cover up (like make up) the Benghazi scandal. Thinking people will look and see TWO monster sized horrors. But that's not the majority. Most people will forget about what doesn't instantly and immediately apply to/affect them today and talk about what does.

Whether the government interrupted itself is not important. (It is, but that is beyond the scope of what you and I are here for today.)

What matters is the Power of Interruption.

Kevin Hogan on Covert Persuasion and Influence You might remember when you were about to get hammered on the phone or door bell rang; or someone showed up in the nick of time, not to save you but they just showed up and by a stroke of luck, you were saved.

Have you ever lost a sale because of an interruption?

You may have never believed it possible that people could have multiple personalities until you have actually been in a conversation, then the conversation is interrupted, and then there is a return to the original subject.

At that point, it rarely "feels" the same, and the discussion does *not* pick up "where it left off." It never does.

"OK. Now, where were we?"
That's one of the sentences we've all said and the reality is that we never go back to where we were.

Things have changed...a lot.


The Power & Perils of Interruption

When people begin talking about something, particularly if there is a sale to be made, the potential customer is in one frame of mind (good or bad, analyzing or salivating) when the conversation begins; and when an interruption occurs, that frame is gone.

Researchers give us this example: You're on your computer, about to buy a vacation package when the phone rings. According to a new study, when you return to the computer after the interruption, you may have a completely different mindset-and make a completely different decision.

A recent study's author, Wendy Liu of UCLA, examined the effects of interruption on purchase decisions and the preferences of decision-makers. She found that even brief interruptions caused startling changes.

"This body of work forwards the view that people's decisions are often a result of cognitions and information processing made on the spot, rather than simply reflecting their innate likes and dislikes. Thus seemingly innocuous events such as an interruption may affect decisions by changing the thought process," Liu explains.

What does research show happens when people who are interrupted? ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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