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Control Freak?

by Kevin Hogan

Page 4

Randomness vs. Control

Of course MOST STUFF DOES happen by accident. The environment has a definite "direction", but within that direction life is significantly random. Most people choose to engage no control beyond the hamster wheel (which means no directional change or control outside of the wheel) .

So, that means that:

a) They stay in the one place they have a sense of control.


b) They don't impact the environment outside the building the wheel is placed in.

The environment is shaped by the few people who choose to shape the environment and actually "be at cause."

The 168 Hour Week: Living Life Your Way 24-7 is about offering people a way to maximize control of their life. Available now!

If someone you trusted and loved gave you The Lamp.... and said, "Today it's your turn. Today YOU get to determine who you will be and how you will live for the rest of your life."
There are limiting circumstance in life. There are a very few people who simply cannot shape their own destiny. You are not one of those people. If you live in a free country and can think and communicate you can have almost any life you want.
But wait.
Let's qualify this.
You don't want ANY life.
You want a life that has meaning, where you are given and deserve respect, love and appreciation. You want to have enough "money" to secure your future and be financially free. And you want your life to have meaning. You want what you do everyday to matter to you, to those around you and to those who will meet you.
You want people to walk up to you and say, "Thank you, you really made a difference for me."
Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 is unimportant.
There are huge benefits and drawbacks of living life at any specific age.
Ultimately age is a number.
But your life is important. You are unique. You aren't a number. You are living and breathing human deserving of a kind of life that matters.
The most excellent news is that there is a way to have what you want in life.
Most people are headed in one direction in their life.
That direction is "what you see today is what you will have in one year, 10 years and more."
So whatever you have today just might be the story for your life...unless... have The Source Code.
Would you change your life?Most people are moving through life on autopilot, getting today exactly what they got yesterday. And they aren't happy about it.
They want something more. But they will never take a step that will move them permanently into a better space and place...
They will stay right where they have become familiar with the setting, the plot and the characters. And that's one core driver that drives human behavior.
It's...only ONE.
With Life: The Source Code... it is possible to take possession of a better destiny.
It doesn't need to be exciting, but it can be.
It doesn't need to be dramatic, but it can be.
It doesn't need to be one of fame and great wealth, but it can be.
It doesn't need to be one of thousands of adoring fans, but it can be.
It doesn't need to be one of travel and leisure, but it can be.
Because within your source code, written in your brain and DNA are possibilities.
There are drivers that are ready to KICK IN and move you quickly to where you want to be.
These drivers mostly lie dormant. They are always there.
You feel them when you read a certain kind of a book. In fact you are probably attracted to the series by the author, or the authors stories in general.
The reason?
A dormant driver.
Not everyone has the same drivers operating at the same horsepower. But everyone has the same drivers "installed" ready for use.
Not everyone can or will be a basketball player or an entertainer or a singer, an actor, a corporate executive or a janitor. Those are all possibilities for many people but the drivers that are operating and those ready to kick in WILL determine who you are today and where you CAN BE tomorrow.
With Life: The Source Code, I will show you
1) What those drivers are today.
2) What your "view of the world" and "view of your Self" is today.
3) How to open your mind to what life options you MIGHT CHOOSE instead
4) How to make shifts in your "world view" to capture those choices
5) How to understand how others SEE YOU...with PRECISION, so you will absolutely and CHARISMATICALLY own any room you walk into.
Want to be know what it would be like to have people help you get where you want to be...and do it fairly quickly?
Want to be able to understand almost anyone you meet in minutes?
Want to be able to capture the depth of someone's heart and mind and be able to not only captivate them but influence THEM to do anything?
That all begins with this DVD set.
Life: It's the only thing that matters.
The Source Code: The Code written inside of your brain and in your DNA that shapes who you are, what you do, how you behave, who you have become and who you are yet to be.
Life: The Source Code is the program that shows you how to take who you are, recast, reshape, modify, improve, repair and ultimately decide who you will be.
And you learn how to have and wield a Gentle Power with Others so you can be WHO you want to be...while you help them get what they want in their life.
Being able to see inside others, to be able to know people and have almost Instant Connections with people is a bit spooky. But it's a very real experience for people who understand what you will learn in detail at Life: The Source Code.
Most of the attention with Life: The Source Code is on YOU. It's about YOUR LIFE, YOUR PRESENT and YOUR FUTURE.
But the reality is that you interact with other people everyday and these people are a blur to you. You get "gut hunches" that you like or don't like someone, but you never quite get "what makes him tick."
That's what this DVD will reveal.
Join me for the most thought provoking, stimulating, eye opening three days you've ever experienced on DVD.
You'll journal about those things you've decided you want to keep the same and be very happy about that. You'll journal about the things in life you want to shift because you want to have something more of different than what you have. And WOW will you be pleased about THAT!
None of these things are my decisions for you. It's 100% you. You can ask for an opinion but ultimately this is all about WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and WHAT YOUR PURPOSE WILL BE.
And how do you KNOW what your "PURPOSE" is?
I'll show you that too...
Perhaps nothing is more important in your time on this earth.
Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!

"It drove me nuts."

I was religious with goal setting and planning. I would work my tail off, do everything according to the plan and achieve mediocre results.

It made no sense to me.

How can you follow the plan, do everything right and still barely achieve a middle class income?

It turned out to be the final lesson in the "follow the plan" strategies.

The problem was not in execution.

It was in the plan I was following.

A plan with errors written into the plan was a disaster.

"Write down your values and then how you know when you have them."
That was the kind of question that led to my frustration, failure and depression.

It turned out the guru probably didn't even know that the concept was flawed.

He didn't test it. It just sounded good. It intuitively seemed "right."

It wasn't.

So I not only started over, I took a long step backward.

I wanted to find out what caused people to achieve great results in baseball, football, business, selling, negotiation. I wanted to know what really motivated people because pep talks were good, but they only lasted about a day...and then I'd have to listen again to the same pep talk. I just couldn't believe that the best athletes, business people, salespeople, were doing what I was doing and winning while I was losing.

And they weren't. And they aren't today, either.

This era began a long line of, "I am wrong and I gotta change now or I will burn myself out forever."

So I backed off and started the research.

Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!

"I discovered that behavior that is consistently rewarded is replicated, but when you stop the rewards, the behaviors tend to stop."

So I knew it was crazy to reward myself for doing the behaviors that I needed to replicate for high level achievement.

Instead, I did what athletes and sales superstars do.

It worked.

I'll show you how to do that at Life: The Source Code.

I found out that Attention is crucial. What you put in to your brain is absolutely critical to behavioral outputs.

Unfortunately, I was putting in all "positive messages."

My belief was that would get "positive messages" out.

That wasn't the science. That didn't work. Not with me, not with anyone.

It created a disaster.

The brain needed inputs that would meet the external world's stimuli so that it could react instantly to solve incoming challenges and return to achieving.

Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!

"I found out that Attention is crucial. What you put in to your brain is absolutely critical to behavioral outputs."

Instead, I was giving myself brain doughnuts, mind cocaine, happiness pills, and absolutely all other addictive messaging.

I FINALLY realized I was creating a completely addictive brain that would perform at almost no important level of accomplishment.

Brain candy just makes your brain fat...oh it "felt good," to be sure. It just became obese and sickly while blissing out.

You'll find out what the research led me to do instead with Life: The Source Code.

These are just a couple of simple things that made the difference between making $80,000 per year and making...well...a lot more.

Then there was the problem of relationships. I thought I was doing all the right things and god knows my intentions were in the right place.

But intentions are only appreciated.

They don't necessarily yield results. Once again, I was pumping MY BRAIN with positive messages, addictive disasters and it all SEEMED 100% RIGHT. In fact, looking back it's hard to imagine that it wasn't right, but the research showed very different strategies for successful relationships. Adopting PROVEN strategies was life changing for me and those forced to be in earshot!

At every step, the gurus were wrong. They'd have bits and pieces right. But they didn't have enough right to help you achieve or be a anything other than mediocrity.

Finally, there came a point where I had completely retooled the philosophy of achievement. Others had written about their science of personal achievement but what they were teaching was just a "feeling," a gut level "guess" at what MIGHT work for some people. Looking back, I now don't believe that anything other than dumb luck and randomness would be involved in achieving while following the instructions to the letter. Because I did...and I talked with a lot of people like me. Same results.

In the last decade I've become completely addicted to understanding why people do to get them to change and how to cause people to HELP THEMSELVES if they want to choose to have a good, meaningful life.

The research of the last 15 years has paid off like a daily double for me and thousands of others. I am totally thrilled to have personally done some of this research and collected the results of those that succeed and fail.

When you actually start to try on what works, you will find yourself surprised.

Most of the stuff the gurus taught was completely backward from being truth or useful. It simply was based on feelings. And feelings have a BIG PLACE in changing behavior. I'll show you several breakthroughs in what they are and I promise they look absolutely *nothing* like what you read about.

Three days is a very short period of time.

My goal is to give you a big head start on the first week of the rest of your life.

I will make some suggestions as to specific tasks and actions to do but you'll do some personal evaluations that actually measure YOU and it will be quite obvious what you want to do and will do because it's YOU that will be making those decisions.

I've laid out what I think is a spectacular three days on DVD. I'm incredibly proud of what I've prepared for you and what will happen if you take it and run.

What are people saying about Kevin Hogan events?...

"Being here with Kevin Hogan today is awesome. Having coffee with Kevin Hogan and everyone he knows is so valuable! Get here and have a great time."
Josh Gretz, Coralville, IA

"I just listened to one of your teleseminars. I'm IMPRESSED! This is some of the best information I have seen in over 6 months of daily research for business building material. Keep up the good work!"
Heli Doggett, C.A.

"Your ability to focus and get to the heart of the matter in minutes is what I love about being in Inner Circle. It's your greatest gift, (next to your boundless compassion and maybe it is a part of that) in my opinion."
Sonya Lenzo, St. Paul, MN


This is The Source Code. This is the programming that works. It's all based on scientific research.

It's all based on living the life YOU REALLY WANT.

This is not about some seminar in a box BS that doesn't connect with reality when you go home.

This is probably the only time you'll have ever gone, "Oh man, I totally get this now. Where was this...." wasn't here....then...but it is now...

 Find your Self and then give yourself the GIFT OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!

Question: What is stopping you from living the life you truly want to have...the life you deserve?

Here it is: The answers to the questions I'll present and The Step by Step Plan of Action you'll receive

You will be, if YOU choose, in your transformed life - with a 100% actionable plan.

Look at the people you see around you every day. Most of them have absolutely no chance at escaping their destiny.

Destiny for them is the road they have been on since Day One. It's tragic. It's long and they "hope" that "something" will "happen" and they'll "catch" a "break" but they won't and never will. There are no breaks on the long road.

The cliff gets closer and closer every day...and they will do the same thing everyday until the day's very sad...

Truth've thought about this yourself almost every single day this year...

  • You'd like to have your financial life in a better state than it is today.
  • You'd like to have an excellent life partner.
  • You'd like to have a great relationship with that partner as well as other intimate friends and family.
  • You would just love to get out of bed in the morning and think, "can't wait to see how much money I made last night!"
  • You'd like to have a career you DESIGN instead of one you are stuck with.
And I could be wrong...but here's something I'm quite sure of...

Life is truly short. Each day is valuable beyond money...or anything!

Each day is more valuable than the preceding day.

You want a life that has MEANING where you MATTER. It is a truly wonderful moment when other people come up to you and say, "THANK YOU!" You will live that every day.

You want a life that is SECURED. You want this to be true as quickly as possible: If you lose your job. It doesn't matter. If your company melts down, it doesn't matter. You can achieve this kind of security and it's a lot easier than almost anyone knows...if you know how.

You want a life that is FUN. You want to be able to enjoy a good movie without someone telling you that you're wasting your time. They are telling you that because THEY have been conned into thinking they don't deserve to have good experiences. They've been lied to and they bought the lie. You don't. You won't.

What are people saying about Kevin Hogan?...

"Kevin is a very genuine person. He's down to earth. He gets to know each person and their wants, needs. He really cares about you whether it's personal or business."
Steven Casper, Duchesne, UT

"You taught me how to gather information by observation, and how to communicate information effectively and convincingly. Your contributions to my career are too many to list. A great deal of information was gleaned from your newsletter. I have never bought a lottery ticket. I don't think the odds are in my favor, but every time I buy one of your training programs, I feel like I just won the Powerball. Thank you for all of your help!"
Fred Frego, Mountain View, AR

"I have been reading your work for a very long time now, years in fact. I recommend your work to everyone I know and tell them to sign up for your newsletter. I hope to take your speaking program because I do like the idea of controlling my future. You really are about the only guy I pay attention to on the Internet, and admire at the same time. Keep up the good work."
Bryan Price, Bakersfield, CA

You want a life that puts You at the top of the "Respect Column" with your friends and family. Sometimes more than anything...You want to be respected and APPRECIATED. You'll find out how to make that happen.

Your life becomes filled with meaning as others pursue you for help, for love, for assistance. It becomes filled with meaning when you recognize that you have contributed in a meaningful way to the lives of others.

You appreciate your life more and more every day when you see the people lining up to tell you that they will do anything they can for you, anytime.

You understand your true value when people become better people just because they were in your presence.

With Life: The Source Code you take away the randomness of these experiences and set the stage for them to happen each and every week.

Life: The Source Code walks you through step by step exactly how you ended up where you are TODAY and then using the exact same equations we make one change. We plug in DIFFERENT VARIABLES to take you to where you WANT TO BE.

A number of factors got you to HERE. I'll walk you through your notes so you can see just what they were.

Once you can actually SEE on PAPER (for your own observation, not that of the group) you will FINALLY see how profound less than 30 elements and 10 variables caused you to end up with your current income, your current love, your current place in life, your current level of value to the world.

And in the privacy of your own journal you can keep what you choose and you can design how you want the first day of the rest of your life to look like and set out knowing you have done it right.

People believe that in order to keep what they have they'll just keep on keeping on.

That is a common error in thinking. What you did, for better or worse to become who you are TODAY are factors we can identify in less than two hours. But where the world goes wrong is believing they would do the same thing beginning today. They can't. They won't.

It's a rare opportunity to be able to refocus the lens and make a new decision in an environment of similarly intelligent people who want to have control of their lives...want to be valuable to others....want to be sought out for business and love...who want to have the world KNOW that you were here and it mattered.

You'll learn your real values. You'll find out which of those values actually matter in life and which hold you back.

You'll learn how to shift your values, if YOU CHOOSE.

You'll learn how simple definitions of how you see your Self when changed change EVERYTHING in your life.

You'll discover Your World View, how it differs from most of the world...and how it is the same as most of the world...and what those differences have meant to you.

You'll find out how to SHIFT your world view in any DIRECTION YOU CHOOSE.

And IF you ask, I'll make suggestions for Your Formula...and if you don't, I won't. YOUR CHOICE.

Get your copy today. Transformation can happen in the blink of an eye. 2011 can be significantly improved over 2010... if you decide that it will be!

What's Included?

You get 18 DVDs, recorded "live", uncut and unedited. 2 Audios CDs, plus the Manual on CD!

  • Learn your Self
  • Learn WHO you are
  • Find out what drives you
  • Find out why you sometimes can't get MOVING
  • Find out HOW to put yourself in charge of your Self
  • Take a detailed and PRIVATE test to confirm what SPECIFICALLY motivates you
  • Get the keys to understanding how OTHERS react and RESPOND to you and CHANGE IT NOW
  • Get the real life low down on how to really live life your way 24/7
Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!


Guest Speakers

Spike Humer. The Seven Secrets to Getting Significant Things Done * Overcoming a Fear of Our Possibilities * The 10 Keys to Making Your Business More Profitable and Yourself More Significant in Your Market. Spike is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and thought-leading performance expert.  His “10 Day Turnaround Technologies” have helped companies and individuals worldwide make quantum leaps in their business, financial, and personal success. For twenty-five years, Spike has been at the forefront of formulating innovative business growth and explosive marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multi-million dollar organizations.

He is the co-author of the book “The 10 Day Turnaround for Business—How to Transform Your Business Virtually Overnight” and has been a collaborator, co-creator, and co-presenter with the legendary Jay Abraham on many of his most successful and acclaimed programs.

Spike’s been a featured speaker at seminars and business acceleration workshops throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Europe.  Sharing the stage and program platforms with such business luminaries and thought-leaders as Tony Blair, Chet Holmes, Stephen M.R. Covey, Seth Godin, Mark Victor Hansen, and others, Spike has been applauded for his proven profit-boosting methodologies and “real-world” strategies. As an entrepreneurial advisor, small-business consultant, and turnaround expert Spike ranks among the world’s greatest thought-leaders and results-producing business authorities.


Robert Kaufer. Asset Protection and Preservation in the 21st Century.  Real Life strategies you can implement today. Robert is a licensed attorney and asset protection specialist with practices in Arizona, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

For over seventeen years he has been helping individuals and businesses protect and preserve what they have worked so hard to earn. 

He graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Hamline University School of Law and also received a Master of Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas.   He currently resides in Minnesota with his wife Stephanie and his two soon to be teenage daughters.


Deremiah *CPE. Using the Servant's Mentality to help you expand the footprint of your Social Media Relationships while increasing customer retention. Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passionate Executive is a "Top 25" Marketing Expert on This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaker, Artist and Inventor has shown hundreds of Customer Passion Evangelist, CEO's, Consultants and Sales people how to use his simple techniques in serving to get big results.

Using the Servant's Mentality to help you expand the footprint of your Social Media Relationships while increasing customer retention is where Deremiah brings you the most value. Winning the coveted "Acres of Diamonds" award from Nightingale-Conant places Deremiah *CPE among noted speakers like Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Denis Waitly, Jay Abraham and Stephen Covey.


Bob Beverley at Kevin Hogan's Life: The Source CodeBob Beverley. Interview: An X-ray Look into Our Differences and Similarities as Human Beings.  If you find yourself experiencing challenges at love, life, or your career, consider that we all have challenges, some in the same areas as you and some in areas you've mastered. Kevin and Bob will explore ways to climb out of continuing negative patterns and begin making huge leaps to Success. Bob Beverley is a psychotherapist in the mid-Hudson valley of New York State, USA. He has done over 40,000 hours of psychotherapy and will bring that depth and experience to the event. He is the author of Dear Tiger: A Book for Tiger Woods and For Us All.  Bob is also the leader of a unique, life-changing experience called THE M GROUP.

Bob has written four e-books: How to Be Wildly Successful Even if You Know You are a Loser, Get Books! Get Wisdom!, The Power of Fear, and The Core. These books contain short-cuts to wisdom and success. Bob shares insights that will stretch anyone to a bigger, happier, more loving life.


Dale Bell with Kevin Hogan at Life: The Source Code in Las VegasDale Bell. You Can Have It All.  Are you willing to do what it takes? Thinking of beginning a brick and mortar business? An Internet company? Do you know what it takes? Have you got what it takes? This entrepreneur and businessman will inform and enlighten you about the possibilities and the road to a successful business.

Dale Bell is a multiple business owner and entrepreneur. His father encouraged him to be independent, and Dale also encouraged his own children to begin their own businesses as well. The Bell family is successful in business and community involvement in the Sacramento area. Over the course of many years in business the Bell brands have become highly recognizable. The family businesses are also able to benefit from the cross branding that has happened over the years; this tool has helped each company boost their performance and grow. The Bell companies are always looking for new ways to grow and become even bigger forces in Central and Northern California economies.

 What's Covered on the Discs?

Day 1
  • Insuring You Get What You Want for the Rest of Your Life
  • Who are You? The Private Self Taken Test that Goes in Your Safe When You Get Home


  • Returning to the Past to Discover Exactly What Brought You Here
  • Repairing the Harms and Pains, Clearing the Rubble, Raising the Bridge to Tomorrow
  • Discovering (Privately) Your True Driving Values and Inner Drives of Desire
  • Finding the Rich Meaning of Life, Within and Without
Day 2
  • Can You Really Do What You Love and Love What You Do?
  • Dealing with Life's Dragons...those who love you and those who don't.
  • Meeting the Enemies...those who want to take what is yours


  • The Time of Trouble Survival Kit
  • Having It All When Even Having a Little Seems Impossible Making Your Life Count NOW
  • Finding Meaning in Life
Day 3
  • Gently Making the Step from Hamster Wheel to Success or From Success to High Achievement
  • Charisma - Mastering Yourself and Others
  • The Best Options for Your Career - Ride Your Horse, Jump or Do both?! How to Factually Know


  • Insulating Your Self from the Problem People in the World
  • Understanding Passion, Compassion and Letting them Carry You Forward
  • Achieving Success, Love, Fulfillment, and Peace

Get your copy of
Life: The Source Code on DVD

Get the complete event on 20 Discs now!

Now $1997!

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