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Control Freak?

by Kevin Hogan

The control freak is the guy who gets the girl.

She is the girl who gets the guy...

Think about it...

If you really want people to say yes to you, they need to feel in control of themselves, the situation, the decision. If you want your Self to actually BE MOTIVATED, you need to feel "in control."

How to Get Control?

How do you get people to feel in control; and how can you possibly get your Self to feel in control?!

And what if you weren't in as much control of something as you might think?

Let me give you an example.

Someone says, "You know on an airplane you have zero control. None. You are at the mercy of the mechanics and pilots and hope both did their jobs and pray the pilots want to get to their destination."

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth FactorsThat frame says, you have zero control on a plane. That makes everyone's heart skip a beat. Having been through an extended period in the 90's where I was scared to death to fly, I can tell you that that "feeling" of "not in control," can become pretty impressive.

But what if I said, "What moron ever told you that? You are in total control! You decided to fly instead of drive because it is almost impossible to get killed flying on a jet." It's like someone saying, "Oh yeah, you think you're safe in your living room? Well when that ceiling collapses on your head, you tell me how you feel."

Now ceilings just don't collapse on people's heads all that often. Those are about the odds of someone getting killed in a plane crash. But all of a sudden, you feel a little more out of control than you did let's flip it back.

"...and obviously ceilings don't collapse on people in their living rooms and that's why you're hanging out in your living room and not on the race track today. You have 100% CONTROL of this decision and your decision is what keeps you safe. You aren't asking a lot of cooperation from everyone else in the house. It's pretty fail-safe. You sit in your living room you are safe. Same with a plane. A plane goes into the air where there is basically no traffic. It uses similar principles to staying "up" that a ceiling does, and you choose to take the plane because you want your life to be uneventful as far as the life and death thing goes. The decision is 100% yours. You are in total control."

And there you have it.

Is control only an illusion?....

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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