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Color of Influence

by Kevin Hogan

Page 3

Do Blondes Have More Influence?

Certainly there is a link between a woman's hair color and the effect it has on men.

Kevin Hogan Color and InfluenceJust reported this week, men's ability to complete general knowledge tests was lessened after exposing men to pictures of blondes.


We already know that attractive women cause men to behave impulsively in decision making. Why blonde over brunette in the "making men even dumber" category?

One scientist argues it's a modeling illusion. In other words, the men see the blonde as a "dumb blonde" and they mirror their own internal perception of blondes.

Maybe. That's certainly one way to interpret the results.

Perhaps the answer is more evolutionary. Maybe not.

What's particularly humorous is that upon reporting of the research, some blondes took offense at the results of the research, as if it was "about them." Now that is interesting.

The fact is you can ask any attractive woman who has colored her hair from brown to blonde and she will tell you EXACTLY how much different life is. The "attention" paid by men is dramatic by comparison to brunettes.

Kevin Hogan Color and InfluenceIn the UK, about 1/3 of the women walking down the street are hair dye. Only 3% of British women are actually blonde.

Again, it tells you something.

Color matters more than you can imagine, whether it's the color of someone's hair, and the added effect it has on men, or the color of Officer Johnson's all matters a lot.

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