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Burn Out: Part Two

Defeating the 3 Kinds of Life Sapping Burnout

by Kevin Hogan

Not only salespeople get burned out.

And burn out isn't only a business or work problem.

It goes way beyond that.

Today, in Part Two, you'll find out how to take down all three kinds of burn out.

Kevin Hogan on Affects of BurnoutExhaustion. Plain and simple.

Wiped out...wondering if the dead have it easier and better...wondering what you are doing HERE...wishing someone would come in and scream and yell to break the monotony. Wondering if your brain will ever get back in its body....

It's hard to give a dictionary definition to "burnout"; but everyone recognizes it when they feel it.

And NO ONE needs to suffer from burn out any more.

There seem to be three basic kinds of burnout and there are very different considerations for the solutions to all three.

Which type of burnout you have will determine your path out of the misery.

The first kind of burnout is one of I've written about before. It happens when someone is working hard at something they don't "believe in" or even like. It's:

Living the Ethical Dilemma.

I talk to a lot of people who tell me that they are not happy doing what they do for a living ...and then they go on to talk about their discontent; and I find out that it's not just one thing...or one problem that is easily fixed. Almost always, the problem is at more than one "level."

A lot of these people are in sales; which makes it doubly hard.

People suffering from Living the Ethical Dilemma see people in administration or customer service who don't have to actually sell an inferior product or service...then... they watch those other employees go home able to sleep at night...content to return to work yet another day....while they themselves go home after watching customers or clients go home with an inferior service or product.

Those who are Living the Ethical Dilemma, though.... are obligated to sell the product or service and not only pay for their own salary but those in administration...and that causes poor to mediocre performance in all but the most jaded of the individuals I've talked with in this "position."

If you are a sales manager reading this, and you see this in your employees, and your people have a misperception of your product or service, fix it NOW.

The resentment toward the company can easily cause self and other sabotage. The resentment toward the non-salespeople can also cause significant divisions in the company.

Here my suggestion has always been to ask for a transfer to another division where they would be selling something they were more on board with, or simply leave the company and take their talent somewhere they can stand themselves....

But here is where Living the Ethical Dilemma comes in.

It's not quite that easy.

What often happens is that (in this case) the salesperson is faced with leaving a job that is paying very well, even at minimum quota.

Trying to replace that income starting from scratch is going to be difficult, so they tough out the emotional/psychological aspects and produce at the bare minimum....often pumping up for the first week of the month and closing their eyes the last week of the month.

It isn't long before the person is "burned out."

Living the Ethical Dilemma is whether to take care of your family or "let them down" and go to work with significantly lower pay.

Not an easy dilemma...and yet...there is no long-term alternative. Eventually, the person with conscience must leave.

The person without conscience...develops a psychopathology where they are unfazed by their actions.

Little can be worse....

A second type of burnout doesn't happen for reasons of conscience, but for reasons of fulfillment.

We often do things that have some reward, but little fulfillment.

For example. A Psychologist might be rewarded by the therapy she does every day, but leaving the office after 9 hours of coping with depression is not fulfilling. It hurts.

This can all can accumulate and cause a HUGE dilemma...:

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Kevin Hogan
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3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
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