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The 17 Body Language Signs
of Powerful Men

By Kevin Hogan

The Body Language of Powerful Men Detecting power in men is generally easier for the experienced eye to read than are women.

When I sit down to play cards at a table it usually takes me 30 seconds, maybe a minute to figure out who has real power at the table. I'll use the Blackjack Table as a place to evaluate the powerful or not. I do so first, because it's where I've met more powerful people than anywhere else I can think of and second because people have to behave within a specific context so the nuances are much easier to grasp than at a random lunch somewhere.

There are men who wish they had power and there are men that do.

Powerful women do not exhibit the same characteristics as all...thus today we'll stick with the Body Language of Powerful Men.

#1 The first thing that I look for is ornamentation. The vast majority of truly powerful men wear very little jewelry. They either have one piece which might be dramatic or none at all. The flashy guy is a wannabe. His debt load is greater than his income would allow for, much like the government.

The guy from the IRS has "in-office power" which is different than personal power.

I'm looking for a cluster of cues and signs, of course, not just one ring. That big diamond on his finger could be worth $50,000 or it could be worth $50. You need a 10 power microscope to know for sure. So I never make an assumption based upon that. If I see lots of gold and lots of stones, I know the power here is minimal.

In general, in the United States, powerful men behave the opposite of what most people would predict. I've played cards with a LOT of powerful and wealthy men and their dress can be a pair of jeans and a t-shirt all the way to the other end of the spectrum as a perfect fitting suit. What you won't see the powerful guy looking like is particularly "cool." He wants to either look good or he just doesn't care what anyone thinks.

I never judge anyone guilty of any income or power level based on their dress. If someone is sitting at the $100 table at Blackjack that means he is going to be betting at least $60,000 per hour. He's either crazy or he has access to least for today.

#2 The man with power tends to appear *relaxed.* That is my general indicator #2. If a guy is playing $100 chips and is in a nice conversation with me and not totally freaking out or getting too excited which way the game is going, I am positive that he is doing fine.

#3 The powerful man is comfortable being quiet. He's comfortable being engaged. He has a broad spectrum of behavior. He might tend to be so relaxed that he will randomly belittle someone but overall the person who has achieved some level of power is generally socially astute and comfortable in most types of situations.

How do powerful men feel about luck? ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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