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Body Language of Deception

Kevin Hogan

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The key concept here is that "Eye Blinking" varies with content and emotions...whether someone is lying or NOT.

Deception and Eye Blinking The most anxiety as measured by eye blinks was when speaking of misleading people and regret. (When he originally lied a high stakes lie.)

The least anxiety was when he was angry and discussed his not asking anyone to destroy evidence and his lapse in judgment.

Yet in all cases, in real time, he was telling the truth.

Again, I want to point out that this is not a personal indictment of the President. The price he paid was enormous and the deceptions he told had no impact on the country, the military, the economy, in contrast to the lies Nixon, Bush and Obama have told.

President Clinton was simply someone whose behavior I studied at a level that no human should probably study another human. Of all the living Presidents I'd most like to meet and have a drink with, Clinton would be my choice...and I would be fine if he'd slap me for having done the analysis over a decade ago in the first place.

Before going deeper into Eye Blinking, you should know that your personal biases cloud your judgment in what should be objective body language analysis.

I believe that in all real-time analyses of celebrities and political figures, I've been historically accurate in what I've reported.

Objectivity Matters

The track record is, in part, because I don't do media appearances and offer analysis on individuals I have strong feelings about, positive or negative. This is why I chose not to discuss David Letterman's situation a while back. Letterman has given me more laughter and, in return, I didn't want to offer an opinion to the press.

Similarly, I haven't been a fan of our last two Presidents, so I am hesitant to communicate much about either. I am biased.

Objectivity and impartiality matter a great deal in commenting on someone else's life.

When I did the analysis of Clinton's initial denial of the affair, I had no real opinion of the President. I basically viewed politics at the time as a time when blessedly no one was spending tax money. (All that would happen with Bush and Obama.)

By the time Clinton was out of office and had been punished mercilessly by the Republicans, I had grown to be disgusted with my political party and I had become embarrassed to call myself a Republican. I haven't since.

Eye Blinking has been scientifically studied, and indeed has been correlated in certain situations with lying and anxiety.

What causes eye blinks to slow down?

Cognitive Demand

Cognitive Demand means when something makes you think really hard, your blink rate will slow down. It also means that when you are not in deep thought or calculation, your eye blink level will increase.

Constructing a Lie It is unlikely that someone will blink a great deal when they are CONSTRUCTING a complex lie.

Creating fiction requires a lot of thought. Eye blink rate reduces when creating fiction.

Now, once the lie is told, you can notice a burst of eye blinks.

Such a flurry of eye blinks occurs at 1:20 in the video you looked at indicated that anxiety or deception was likely to be high in the comments immediately preceding that.

Another flurry happens at 1:29 indicating high anxiety or deception about the preceding couple of seconds.

The final flurry in the time you and I looked at the video comes at 2:00. 8 blinks in 2 seconds.

I'll let you go back and do your own analysis and draw your own conclusions. Remember there is a teleprompter running and what you THINK is causing the anxiety as preceding the flurries COULD just as easily be triggered anxiety by the content immediately to follow.

This is why speeches with only a camera in a room are very difficult to analyze in contrast to communication where others are giving verbal and nonverbal feedback.

Lying is a very cognitively demanding task!

What Goes On When You Lie?...:

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