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Body Language of Deception

Kevin Hogan

Page 4

Body Language Analysis Session

Watch the video below from the 0:05 mark to the 0:24 mark.

The content here is the President stating that he testified before the Grand Jury and was asked questions and answered truthfully to those questions no one should ever have to answer. No doubt about that.

But what is the man thinking about while he speaks?

Here the President is speaking what is known to be true statements.

In what has to be the most difficult speech a person would ever have to give, in those first 19 seconds he blinked 26 times.

That is fast. Very, very fast.

It is so fast the there are only three explanations that typically come to mind.

What Affects Eye Blinking

  • Contacts are bugging the person.

  • Massive amounts of anxiety.

  • Lighting is somehow impacting the person.

Generally, people blink 8 - 10 times per 60 seconds.

Most "body language experts," immediately translate these 26 blinks in 19 seconds as if the person is lying.

It COULD mean this, but it isn't ipso facto.

From 0:24 to 0:54, there are 29 eye blinks. This is certainly slower than the first 19 seconds, though 1 per second is still very fast.

You can't know what he is thinking, but what he is saying, the words being read from the teleprompter, tell you he did indeed have an inappropriate relationship with the intern.

From 0:54 to 1:14 The President indicates that he didn't ask anyone to ever destroy evidence or lie about this experience. He says it was wrong and constitutes a lapse in judgement.

17 blinks. Even slower. You see anger in his face.

But for the moment, we observe only the eye blinks.

From 1:14 to 1:34 he talks about how he misled people and his regret.

30 blinks. These statements have by far the highest blink rate I've ever counted in 20 seconds. His verbal statements are true, as are all the statements in the first 1:34 of the speech.

You can watch the entire video, but it's not necessary.

The Key Concept Here Is...

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