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Body Language of Deception

Kevin Hogan

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When A President Deceives

When a President deceives People still ask me about how I knew President Clinton did indeed have an affair with an office intern, now 16 years ago.

Fewer people remember the apology speech he made much later, after the initial denial. THAT short speech was one of the most fascinating from a body language perspective that I've ever seen.

The media put me on the spot by asking for specifics about where the President was telling the truth and where he wasn't.

It's a fascinating thing when a President can spend trillions of future dollars, put a nation into a self-destruct sequence and no one cares whether they are telling the truth or not. Instead, the attention always falls to the gossip of life. It is a statement about human behavior and how people prioritize.

There are several cues I am immediately interested in when analyzing deception.

Deception Cues

  • I look at facial and hand color change.

  • I look at posture changes.

  • I look at position of feet.

  • I look at the muscular shifts in the face.

  • There are several other immediate cues, of which one is "Eye Blinking."

Watching hundreds of hours of video of people telling the truth vs. telling lies in high stakes situations reveals some interesting factors.

I'll show you some video in a minute that provides an example of how I use "eye blinking behavior," to analyze the possibility of deception.

The context is fascinating in itself.

Cues Can Be Misinterpreted

You're taken to the police station and interrogated. The Sergeant says, "Isn't it true Mr. Johnson that on the night of February 17, you robbed the store...."

And it wasn't true...not at all; and MANY of the person's nonverbal behaviors replicate those of someone in the exact situation... who is lying.

MOST of the cues that people look for and talk about are identical, whether lying or telling the truth.

"Eye Blinking" generally is NOT one of those cues.

I've watched "Eye Blinking" for almost 20 years as a cue to someone's likelihood of being truthful or lying.

Remembering that MOST things people say are not EITHER truthful or lies, but shades of gray in between is important before I draw distinctions.

Kevin Hogan on Deceptive Body Language "Mr. Johnson, isn't it true you hated Mr. Wilson?"

If Mr. Johnson says "yes" which is actually true, then he is seen as having "motive to have killed Mr. Wilson during the robbery. But just because you hate someone doesn't make you guilty of murder. In fact, MOST people don't like most other people and, in general, most people hate a LOT of different people.

So Mr. Johnson, lies and says, "That isn't true." The discussion in Mr. Johnson's head is "Yes, you jerk, but I didn't rob the place and I didn't kill that guy. I WISH I would have killed him. Now he wants to know if I hate the bast.... and I have to tell him "no" so they don't put me in jail. I'd love to tell them what a whacko that Wilson guy was."

In our imaginary scenario, I bring this to every public or private conversation I have with anyone. I always consider that this is likely. And remember the scenario is...The guy is 100% innocent of a crime he almost wishes he would have committed!

Now I'm going to take you inside of my world of body language analysis.

Come inside and see ...

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