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Body Language Analysis - Decoding the Misunderstood

Kevin Hogan

Page 7

In A Relationship?

Body Language Man - Anger Meanwhile, in sexual relationships that are ongoing, it turns out that the facial image of anger in the man is as normal as the smile of the woman. This doesn't mean he is not angry or prepared to be angry, he is likely one or the other, but the face is EASY to misinterpret as to specifics.

You can know that most anger results because of sexual intention of some kind, now or predicted to happen somewhere along the line.

Both men and women read men's anger in random situations, as more intense, than women's anger. (Part of this could be because not everyone has been married...)

And finally....something for you to work on that is very important...

Body Language and Fear

Both women and men see angry faces in often indicating fear in addition to anger.

Body Language Woman - Anger, Fear People see women angry and they not only see anger...they see fear.

Predators prey on stuff like's worth sitting back and evaluating how predators are evaluating YOU or your wife, or your daughter or Mother.

Anger often = Fear as perceived in women by both women and men.

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