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Body Language Analysis - Decoding the Misunderstood

Kevin Hogan

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Misunderstanding Facial Expressions

Uncertainty of what someone is thinking because they are not as expressive as the norm brings the downside of misunderstanding and not knowing where another person "stands" with them. The upside is that less expressive people often have greater clout and are seen as more certain. They also tend to stand out for better or worse in any group.

Body Language and the Expressive Face Meanwhile, the expressive individual or the person choosing to have expressiveness such as actor James Franco, has a more rich offering for people. They tend to be perceived as charming.

Facial expressiveness is molded in part genetically, part culturally, and finally behaviorally by choice and reaction within environments over time and in the moment.

Body Language of Men vs. Women

On average, women are far more expressive with their facial expression as well as their body language. Men, on average are much more difficult to read. Over 80% of customers who wish a body language analysis done on a photograph they possess are women asking for analysis of men. Men are simply easy to misunderstand.

Disappointing because men are pretty easy to understand. Ask any man what another man is thinking in reference to a woman and he'll do quite well on average. Men are driven by testosterone. Predictability is very high. Facial expressions however, are tougher to read.


Women were and are the caretakers of children. Facial expressions teach love, discipline and reinforce infant behavior. Facial expressions communicate to the newborn and carryover into everyday communication. Women without children are more difficult to read, but most people are relatively accurate in gauging women's emotions and mood. Most people are relatively poor estimators of men's emotions and moods.

Women smile a lot more than men.

Women are liked a lot more than men.

A Woman's Biggest Body Language Mistake

Women also tend to err to the side of smiling when others deem it inappropriate.

A Woman's Body Language All things being equal, a woman who smiles is seen as likeable and perceived as easy to communicate with. That goes a long way in the world.

That said, the one thing men mis-perceive most in women in the business world, is their smile.

The cycle works like this:

  • Man is in room at office.
  • Woman smiles at man. (In her mind she is being pleasant and not flirting.)
  • If woman is desirable to man, he perceives this as a significant liking cue.
  • Behavior is repeated, cycle repeats.
  • Man "comes on stronger" to woman.
  • Woman, if she finds him not attractive, takes offense.
  • Man doesn't see past the initial 20 smiles to the present reactions and continues approaching woman.
  • Woman has man fired or files lawsuit, etc.
The other side of evolution at the office works like this.

  • Man sees woman in room.
  • Woman is uninterested in man as was the case above, but this time doesn't smile.
  • Behavior is repeated, cycle repeats.
  • Man sees woman as cold and "bitchy," regardless of any verbal behavior to the contrary.
So, at the office do men see women as mating partners, or bitches?

Well, there is a third side to the just doesn't land there very often.

What to do?

Look through a man's lens:

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