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Body Language Analysis - Decoding the Misunderstood

Kevin Hogan

Page 4

Power and Body Presentation

A Japanese expression of power has only in the past decade moved to the United States.

In Japan, men often do their business at establishments designed to cater only to men. Asian women have a strong propensity to not look favorably on body hair.

Body Language Skin While men do their business, they often have body hair removed.

After two million years of the hairy chest = masculinity... the current trend in America among those males who advertise (people consciously or nonconsciously placing themselves on the block as available for a relationship - regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not)...has begun to flip. That smooth look when combined with a body that has worked out has gained favor among those who are letting it be known they are available.

Will the trend last?

Impossible to tell. One thing is certain. In a lousy economy and a time when a lot of men have no prospects of value to a culturally changing woman who expects more on many's worth dropping the weight and the rest. Long-term, it's not as significant, but short-term, in 2014 it "works."

Power and The Face

The average American has dozens of facial expressions. Eight of those expressions consistently reveal a specific emotion. The differences and frequencies between men and women's expressions is broad.

Those faces revealing predictable emotions occur most often because they tend to be responded/reacted to with a fairly high degree of consistency by people in their presence. Blended emotions bring different facial expressions and different body language signals.

That's average.

There are also people who have trained their facial expressions and body language for specific purposes.


My grandfather was a Colonel when he retired from the military. He was also a Ph.D. and those who didn't refer to him as Colonel Hogan did refer to him as Dr. Hogan. He had authority with almost everyone.

That kind of "power" is not the power of money. It is the power of status.

His face had a handful of expressions that you and I share, but the difference between his and most others was undeniable... instant...dead on certain.

Many people would guess incorrectly how he felt about something but they never failed to do what he "suggested." I don't recall anyone outside of my Grandmother ever saying "no" to him. It was simply...not...possible...

The only person to disagree with him would have been me. Fortunately, I held great favor in his eyes or my life expectancy could have been shortened....

His face had only a few expressions. People with certain power and authority tend to display:

  • Frustration
  • Restrained Anger
  • Smile of Superiority
  • Smile
  • Calm
  • Determined
  • The Death Look (Contempt, Disgust and Anger all rolled into one)

There was no randomness about his expression. He was the opposite of a chameleon.

It was all shaped through intention and then it became part of who he was.

What didn't need to be read was attention, respect and compliance. When he spoke in even the most easiest going of tones you didn't question or consider the possibility of error. Everyone instantly complied. It was the greatest lesson of seeing how certainty loops and reinforces long after the uniform is removed, even after the Doctor has retired.

Reading a Colonel that always hears "yes, sir" is not like reading your next door neighbor.

It creates a certainty of presence...of certainty... that causes compliance in other people even though he was a difficult read.

Colonels and Doctors simply aren't wrong.

He was not tall. Perhaps 5' 9." His presence was 6' 8." He rarely yelled at anyone. He simply...looked up at someone and they moved.

Expressive and intense faces can be valuable or a curse.

Let's get to men vs. women:

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