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Body Language 101
The Science Behind Silent Communication

You Magazine interviewed Kevin Hogan for the following article, which appears in their current issue.

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Tips for Laypeople
In the spirit of having a little fun, we asked Hogan to give a few tips for reading the body language of others.

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - Wide EyesAccording to the expert, one of the most highly-predictable traits can be found in the eyes. He says that wider eyes almost always equal a greater interest on behalf of the listener.

This is good to know because people who look at you this way are generally expressing that they like you. By keeping your own eyes wide, you are making yourself approachable to others. Again, using children as an example, Hogan says, "Their eyes are always wide…because everything is interesting to them."

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - Blue EyesSomething we found interesting were Hogan's comments about blue-eyed people. He says that lighter-eyed folks have a greater expectation to be looked at. Kevin says the reason is purely evolutionary.

From the beginning, lighter eyes drew more attention. In turn, the attention became expected. The lesson here is to give lighter-eyed people the eye contact they desire. Doing otherwise could send the wrong message.

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - Spot a LiarAnother Hogan finding, has to do with the reddening of either the earlobes or the nose.

The change in color is due to blood rushing to these areas. Hogan says that when this rush of blood occurs, some form of anxiety is taking place. While it is not a sole indicator of lying, it can be paired with other cues that do indicate an untruth.

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - Changing PositionDuring a conversation, a change in a listener's body position could be either good or bad.

If the change occurs during a change of direction in the conversation, the listener is telling the speaker that they are changing along with them.

If the listener's body position changes in the middle of the speaker's point, they are changing against them. This either means that the listener is bored, or they are uncomfortable with whatever the speaker is saying.

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - Feet Count, too!The direction in which a person's feet are pointed is also important.

According to Hogan, feet pointed directly at someone means a person feels engaged. Feet pointed away means that they want to get away.

Kevin Hogan on Body Language - On the RightThe last strategy offered up by Hogan has to do with diffusing tension or hostility in a right-handed person.

He says that in right-handed people, it is the left-brain that promotes calm and relaxation. That left-brain is stimulated when the right-handed person is made to shift their eyes to the right.

The lesson – the next time you're talking to an anxious right-y, do both of you a favor, and reposition yourself to their right!

How Can You Always Tell When Someone is Lying to YOU?

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