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Women: Dressing to Impress Other Men

by Kevin Hogan

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Women Give Unconscious Cues

Haselton's team said their study showed the cues are there, even if men and women are not consciously aware of them.

According to evolutionary psychology, women have a primal drive to provide the strongest, most virile and productive father for their children. Out of this primal drive comes the "need" to attract a great mate. Apparently this drive is so powerful, that women unconsciously try to "attract" a better mate!

Women usually ovulate on the 15th day of their menstrual cycles, and this day is when they are the most fertile. Ovulation is easily detected using urine tests, and Haselton's team used such a test to check fertility in their study.

They asked 30 university students to come to their lab for a test, without letting them know the nature of the experiment. "We asked them some things about food, for example," Haselton said in a telephone interview.

The women came back several times over the course of a month and were photographed twice -- once in their fertile phase and another time in their least-fertile phase. The faces in the photographs were blacked out.

Who Looks Hot?

The researchers asked 42 men and women, some older than the volunteers, to assess these photographs by asking, "In what photo is the person trying to look more attractive?"

The judges chose the photograph taken during the women's fertile phases 60 percent of the time, Haselton said. "This is well beyond chance. They were pretty consistent," she said.

"One of the things we found pretty interesting is that people sort of have their personal style, almost like their uniform," she added. "The women would show up to the lab wearing something pretty close to what they wore before, but embellished."

For example, one woman wore loose knit leggings and a tank top in both photos. "In her high fertility photograph, she would be wearing a very pretty tank top and she was wearing more jewelery. The difference was quite subtle," Haselton said.

The fertile women did not necessarily dress more provocatively, Haselton noted. "We did see a little bit more skin. It was my impression that the women were just dressing a little bit more fashionably but not sexier."

What Not to Expect

Haselton also was interested to note what did not happen.

"There's a popular notion that when women approach menstrual onset, they get out their bloated clothes and they pull out their sweats," she said. "But we didn't find that to be the case."

Haselton's team had earlier reported that women were more likely to flirt and look at attractive men when ovulating.

So ladies, tell your guys about this and I bet they have no problem getting back in the habit of taking you out several nights next month....all bunched together.

What's the best way to detect unconscious body signals?

BODY LANGUAGE: Decoding, Interpreting & Mastering Non-Verbal Communication

with body language expert Kevin Hogan

body language
This is a Complete Home Study Course. (A portion of this course is interactive with your computer!)

The Advanced Home Study Course in Analyzing Nonverbal Communication!

When you discover the secrets of body language, you can be the one who:

  • Never gets lied to
  • Knows when they are attracted to you
  • Knows when they are uncomfortable
  • Is in control 100% of the time!
The exact same nonverbal communication that gets people to buy from you are the same ones that get them to buy you. Whether you want to master body language to make the sale or get the girl (or guy) this program reveals all the secret codes hidden for so long! Absolutely no one has all of this information. Period. My proprietary research (which you are going to receive!) brings you to the cutting edge of having people fall in love with you in literally a matter of seconds.

You are going to discover what really gets the sale, the promotion, and what seals or kills the deal.

Between 60% and 75% of all of your communication is nonverbal. Are you attracting or repelling people around you? Are you making every sale you could be? How are people reading you?

In the first four seconds people will make judgments about you:

  • I will or will not buy from this person.
  • I will or will not like this person.
  • I find this person kind, or not.
  • I find this person intelligent or not.
And now for the most amazing part of the course: 6 CDs and Video are INTERACTIVE with our secret website filled with photographs to analyze!

You move through a catalog of photographs and nuance by nuance analyze the small lines, wrinkles, facial expressions, hand and body placement. All these details are explained to you by body language expert, Kevin Hogan.

The first two introductory CDs are geared toward helping you make an incredible impression in those first four seconds. This advanced portion of the home study course is all about the other person! Now you can discover whether they are lying or not. You can find out the cues of annoyance, covering hidden feelings, and whether they like you or not.

You are going to learn to read people in virtually an instant. Kevin will introduce you to what he does when The New York Post, First for Women, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, The Star, Maxim, Success, Selling Power and the rest of the media call!

Over the past two years we've collected over 100 pictures of celebrities that he has analyzed for the media. Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, The Sex and the City girls, Drew Barrymore, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Beyonce Knowles, Liz Hurley, Pamela Anderson, Stephen Spielberg, and dozens more.

As you progress through the course, you will become proficient at reading and analyzing body language! And of course, I'm giving you the keys to my password-protected secret website with over 100 photos of the stars ready to analyze!

This is a complete seminar in reading, decoding and interpreting body language from the source. Nothing is missing and YOU have access!

You will receive my complete analysis of EVERY PHOTOGRAPH on Six (6) Digital Audio CDs. Your Secret Password to the Hidden Website for the Interactive Photo Gallery will come with your package.

More Information on body language or to order

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