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Women: Dressing to Impress Other Men

by Kevin Hogan

It doesn't take good instincts to know when a woman is trying to attract the attention of *other* men (that would be other than you).

Oh sure, you'll ask them why they are dressing like *that* and they will tell you that you have no right to try and control what they wear and so on and so forth. We all know the drill. And if you have a teen-age daughter, your heart pounds twice as often...and you're right in those instances, too....

So let's save a million relationships and spill the beans on women's behavior. Why does it save relationships? Because you can get all huffy at woman A, but woman B is going to do the same darn thing. It's hard-wired. It's her nature. It's her biology. It's her choice. You're going to get the cold shoulder and be on the couch because you can't prove what you were saying and thinking...until now, that is.

As a body language expert it's very interesting to watch men and women in public. Women are far more interesting and flat out fun to watch. (As long as it's not the woman *you* have invested in!)

We recently talked about how men are at their most jealous when women are ovulating (the time of the month that you can make the proverbial baby). It turns out it's not rocket science or "men's intuition."

It's women's dress, and jewelry that are the dead giveaways....

When Do Women Dress to Impress?

Women dress to impress when they are at their most fertile, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday in a study they say shows that signs of human ovulation may not be as mysterious as some scientists believe.

A study of young college women showed they frequently wore more fashionable or flashier clothing and jewelery when they were ovulating, as assessed by a panel of men and women looking at their photographs.

"They tend to put on skirts instead of pants, show more skin and generally dress more fashionably," said Martie Haselton, a communication studies and psychology expert at the University of California Los Angeles who led the study.

Writing in the Journal Hormones and Behavior, Haselton and colleagues said their findings disproved the conventional wisdom that women are unique among animals in concealing, even from themselves, when they are most fertile.

Some animals release powerful scents when ready to mate, while others display skin color changes, but human ovulation is notoriously difficult to detect. This is attested to by the frequency of unintended pregnancy, as well as test kits marketed to women wishing to become pregnant but unaware of the likeliest time to conceive.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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