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Kevin Hogan
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Kevin Hogan Licensee Programs

Are you a speaker or presenter? Are you looking for a brand with built-in name recognition (like Mc Donald's or Starbucks) and instant credibility for delivering a seminar based on one of Kevin's best selling books on persuasion and influence?

Be a Persuasion and Influence Licensee You can have all that and more with Kevin's Licensee Program.

THE Psychology of PersuasionTM and THE Science of InfluenceTMSeminar PROGRAMS...

  • Give you a complete Seminar in a Box System
  • You receive a letter of authorization and recommendation from Kevin Hogan
  • Show you how to get hired for conferences and conventions
  • Provide instant credibility and recognition worldwide
  • Deliver the rapid results busy professionals want
  • Give you an exciting new way to package and market your services
  • Are ideal for in-house teams of professionals, salespeople, or MLM distributors
  • Maximize your income by allowing you to work with many people at once
  • Can be marketed to associations and companies for their employees and members monthly and annual meetings.
  • Elite directory listing on web site
  • Tele-forums to help you be more successful in marketing and delivering the program
  • Free and instant upgrades to the Facilitator's Handbook
  • Free teleconference bridge time for your first tele-seminar or teleconference!
Persuasion and Influence Licensee Certificate In additon, you receive a certificate of licensure signed by Kevin Hogan. Having Kevin's personal stamp of approval is like having one foot in the door!

Click below for full details on how you can get started!

Psychology of PersuasionTM Licensee Program

Science of InfluenceTMLicensee Program

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123 USA
(612) 616-0732

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