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The Achievement Factor

Kevin Hogan

Page 4

The Game Plan: The Third Factor of Achievement

"Oh I know all about that..."

No, please might...but please...continue reading.

Trust me. (That's another part of achievement...)

Kevin Hogan Playbook for WealthThe Game a football game.

The coach carries this big two-sided laminated 11 x 17 sheet of paper with him during the entire game. He covers his mouth with it when he speaks into the microphone to transmit to the quarterback what play to call. There are HUNDREDS of "plays" on that laminated sheet of paper.

They are all based upon the PRECISE SITUATION the team is in. Ahead in the game, behind in the game, the game is tied....Is it first or second down? Do they have the ball at their 20 yard line? Midfield? How about at the opponent's 20?

The coach has already analyzed his own team. The strengths and weaknesses. The skills and deficiencies.

Then all week, they factor in the other team's strengths, weaknesses and BEHAVIORAL TENDENCIES in any given situation.

They know that 85% of the time, the other team passes when it is 3rd and 6 yards to go and 97% of the time when they are near mid-field. That makes defending the other team a little easier.

You know what's coming. You have watched their behavior all year and know what they do in specific every situation.

You've gathered the intelligence and put it into a game plan.

The game plan is so important because it doesn't look like a business plan.

Decision Making Playbook A business plan the way we were all taught to write one, is one of the biggest wastes of paper and time I've ever seen.

A business plan gives you a best case scenario. It gives the bank the best case scenario. It tells you NOTHING about what is really going to happen with the business, how all situations will be managed and what plays will be called.

The business plan doesn't assume that your advertising will fail. (It will.)
It doesn't assume that your salespeople will have more turnover than anticipated. (You will.)

It doesn't take into account all the random weird stuff that happens every day in business, like getting sued by the guy next door because his customer tripped on your sidewalk because his bag for his groceries was too get the idea...

A business plan is far better labeled, "a business hope".

Am I saying a business plan is a complete and utter waste of time? Completely?!

OK....No. It takes about an hour to come up with a basic plan for a million dollar business. Worthless? No.

Valuable? No.

Meaningful? No.

Useful? No.

KEYPOINT: A Game Plan has analyzed all of the variables and has an ACTION CALLED FOR EACH SPECIFIC SITUATION.

It's taken into account what happens when an employee steals or someone plants a story in the press about something that isn't true about your company.

It's not in the business plan. It's in the Game Plan.

The Game Plan requires thought. It requires understanding Situational Management Strategy.

OK fine... a business plan is pretty much a waste of time and a waste of paper. But the bank will feel better if you have one, so you make it for them.

For YOU? A Game Plan

The person or business with a powerful Game Plan is going to achieve.

"WAIT KEVIN! The Houston Texans only won two games last year. Their coach must have had a game plan. What's up there?"

Nothing is up there. They are achieving to their level of ability and skill. They are a new team. New players who are learning to work with each other.... and generally speaking they have a few guys with talent but the reality is that they don't have the skills and talents to compete.

It's a testament to their desire to win, that they even won two games.

Achieving isn't always measured in win/loss. It's often better measured in relative to potential.

If you have a high school team playing a professional team and the high school team somehow kept the game close, they would have achieved an enormous "victory" even in defeat.

The Game Plan can't make up for skill, talent and self-discipline, but it sure can make a difference between winning and losing. A proven game plan can give a weaker opponent a shot at beating a stronger opponent.

Look how often in football a team is favored by 10 points and then sneaks out a victory.

What went wrong?

Turn the page to find out.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

Article photo appears under license with istockphoto/sodafish.

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