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The Achievement Factor

Kevin Hogan

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Fitness. istockphoto/Yuri_Arcurs Self regulation requires perseverance. Perseverance is thus a sub factor of achievement. To persevere simply means to maintain a state of unbending and unyielding movement toward an outcome.

Perseverance and renewing genesis are the two key factors in self regulation.

Renewing Genesis

Renewing genesis means beginning each day or each part of the day without having to think about "it." You simply begin again. Yesterday you wrote pages 248-254. Today you write 255-261. It makes no difference what else is on the list.

You decided to DO "it" and then you DO it.

Decision then Do creates self trust. When you create self trust, others begin to trust you and want to be around you because you make things happen.

You never will think, "I wonder if I should X today."

That sentence = eternal failure.

When do you find the time?


Then everything else comes next.

Renewing genesis and perseverance create self regulation which is the core factor of achievement.

Thus the self choosing, self disciplined individual.

What next?

Decision: The Second Factor of Achievement

You could argue that decision, like perseverance is a element within self regulation because it is.

But I choose to distinguish decision from self regulation because it's very easy to "decide" and never achieve anything. Similarly it is easy to self regulate solely based on another persons decisions. A soldier in battle must self regulate or he could easily die. But in most cases, his orders (decisions) come from another person.

Nothing happens>until you DECIDE...

Kevin Hogan on Success, Achievement and Wealth Factors Decision is the starting point of self regulating behavior. Effective decision-making is a source of significant power.

Self regulation is the central factor of achievement and success.

Making good decisions is the second factor of achievement.

The decision has to be made now. And then you probably don't make it again.

You DO, because you decided you would. You TRUST your SELF and you teach yourself that you are worthy of trust by doing what you decide to do.

I want to say this very gently: If you can't trust your self to follow through on your own decisions...

...if you can't TRUST your SELF to follow through, no one else will either.

You can have all the motivation and positive attitude on the planet and never move. Without decisions you fail. Those who don't ever decide, those who never "cut off from", they cannot achieve...much of anything...ever.

Learning to make rapid, effective decisions that you yourself trust and rely on is a crucial completely overlooked factor in success and achievement.



I don't expect you to master self regulation or decision-making from reading to this point. How could you? It would be unreasonable to ask, and I won't.

We'll touch on implementation today, but you *must* have an understanding of the achievement factors before you begin to implement. The ingredients are required before popping the cake in the oven.

The 3rd Achievement Factor?

Here it is...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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