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The Achievement Factor

Kevin Hogan

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Self Regulation: The First Factor of Achievement

Self regulation is the ability to consciously decide on a course of action in the moment and then follow that course through to completion. It is the ability to control nonconscious & biological urges and impulses. It is the skill of overcoming laziness and eliminating procrastination. It is the rejection of instant gratification in favor of something better. It is the choice of setting aside instant pleasure and satisfaction for a good opportunity or reward that is far more important and valuable in the future.

The skills of self regulation are learned.

Success! istockphoto/swedeandsour Self regulation was once a defining characteristic of an American. It was for 300 years. And then it became a rare commodity. This one life skill which ultimately becomes a trait will change the fate of a person or a nation forever.

In order to develop the ability to self regulate, one must discipline themselves (or others) with intention and effort until the behaviors manifest and become self perpetuating...until it becomes self-discipline.

Did you go to the grocery store this week and get food?

In all likelihood someone in your home goes shopping every week. Let's say it's you.

You do it, you eat.
You don't, you pay a price.

You go instead of watching TV or sleep or reading the comics.


You've trained your Self.

No one is going to do it for you.

If you want to eat you simply have little alternative but to go.

You intentionally manifest the behavior of getting up, getting into the car and going shopping until it becomes a habit and is something you no longer think about. It's now as normal as anything you do. (Some people actually enjoy grocery shopping.)

You perform the target behavior, whatever it is, everyday until it becomes second nature....habit...easy...

Self regulation is a big part of what causes people to achieve.

It is in fact, all or nothing. Other factors generate achievement but without self regulation, there is no achievement. There will be no success.

Self regulation is a direct CAUSE of success and achievement.

What is the "attitude" of the person who can self regulate by decision?

"I do it everyday. I am in charge of my behavior."

Behavioral Destiny Control = Success

Kevin Hogan's Decision Making E-Course That's the attitude of achievement. "I do it everyday. I control my behavior. I decide what I want in my life. I run my life."

Most successful people have coaches and mentors to help them along the way because some things in the equation of achievement simply meet with a lot of inertia. Those people are there to make sure you "stick to it" until you get to the point where you don't need that extra boost each week.

There are no beliefs "attached". There are no values "attached." There is nothing "attached" except doing it. That's it.

You become your behavior instead of your intentions, and by doing so become not only a better human being but an achiever,a high achiever.

Is Self Regulation the Only Factor to Achieve?

You can self regulate. You can decide what you will do and do "it" every single time.
You literally can self regulate and never do anything that matters.

Without self regulation there is no achievement. There is no success.

You can win a game without self discipline. You can't win a Super Bowl,Tthe World Series, a Gold Medal or The World Cup without it.

That said, long term success requires all the keys. Self Regulation is best wrapped up in one word: "Until"

You simply DO whatever it is...UNTIL it is done.

Remember: self regulation has no beliefs or values attached to it. It's just --- DO UNTIL.

Kevin Hogan on Limiting Beliefs Over the years, a lot of people have asked some variation of, "Kevin how do you get Coffee out every week when you have so much going on? What beliefs do you have that I can model?"

Behaviors come first.

Beliefs come from behaviors.

I'll share both with you.

Ready? Continue...until

Turn the page to see.

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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