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7 Factors That Will Cause Them
to Want You Bad

By Kevin Hogan

7 Factors of Attraction

"Did it hurt?"


"When you fell from heaven."

Did you just cringe? Freak out a little?

Me, too.

Above is a "line" a guy told me he "learned to say to women."

Rule of thumb is that SOMETHING will work with SOMEONE... but when you say weird stuff like that...expect her to feel sorry for you.

That's probably not optimal for getting to "Let's Go."

Not Measuring Up?

Look, you've walked away from interactions wondering if the other person liked you. You've given out your phone number and haven't gotten calls back. And it makes you wonder what you could have done differently.

Fortunately, you ask yourself good questions.

Am I really all that good looking?

Not a 10 on the "Hot or Not" website?

Me, neither. It's life.

If you're a guy, you're in luck. Women use different yardsticks than men.

If you're a woman, you're still in luck ... just a little less luck than the guy.

  • If you check the mirror and your waist line says you pay attention to your body, then you have a chance with the person who pays attention to their body.

  • If you look at your clothes and realize that you have paid attention to your clothes, then you have a chance with the person who pays attention to their clothes.

Am I interesting?

That's tougher, but more readily repairable.

The First Filter of Attraction

Most people can't carry on a Captivating Conversation. Coffee Readers have a distinct advantage here. Those who own The Covert Hypnosis Study Program will always be able to hold their own in a conversation.

But conversation is secondary.

You have to pass the first filter of Attraction before you have a conversation.

You have about three seconds to make a good impression. Unfortunately, if you come off as less-than-desirable ... you're stuck with it. It's set in stone. Once first impressions are formed, they then act as a Time Filter for all new incoming information about someone.

The real life research is crystal: People rely on first impressions much more than later information when evaluating someone. This is why first impressions are vitally important, especially when looking for a potential "mate."

Here are 7 easy strategies to make yourself more attractive at first glance.

Pick your posse ...

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
16526 W. 78th St. #138
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
(612) 616-0732

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