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7 New Persuasion Principles
Part One of Four

by Kevin Hogan

Magic and Mentalism. For the past few months I've been teaching my son new Jedi Mind Tricks.

Creative minds in the field of magic and mentalism are constantly coming up with better ways to fool the senses.

Persuasion and Magic: Jedi Mind Tricks
When everything is boiled down to the basics in magic, you have just a few principles that makes Sylvia Browne and James van Pragh so effective in front of an audience. They are the same things that makes David Copperfield and Lance Burton appear to be able to make things vanish and reappear before your very eyes.


One principle is that of Misdirection.

For example - I perform one card "trick" (it's an illusion) where a selected card disappears from the deck and appears underneath a plate, surrounded by strangers and no friends to help.

I'm not a sleight of hand expert.

I simply practiced the elements of this effect over and over, hundreds of times. The entire success or failure of the illusion rests in a one second moment where everyone's eyes must be away from the plate.

Someday I'm sure I'll be found out on this illusion (it truly is magical to have not only mind reading but telekinesis going down all at the same time!). I'm just not that good.

Misdirection is the critical factor in many magic "tricks" and "illusions."

The ability to know how their human brain will react and respond to your instructions....every time...or close enough to every time that you'll never be seen as anything other than astonishing.

There are a few other factors in magic that can be drawn upon to make something appear from nowhere.


Concealment comes into play in many illusions and magic tricks.

The better one can conceal, the more astonishing the illusion.

Like these elements that give you the pieces to create and design a magic trick, you can also use generalizations about how people will react in certain environments, given certain stimulii.

Magic IS Persuasion.

Persuasion can be magical.

In both magic and persuading others, you *must* know what people will do in specific scenarios and be able to predict those behaviors or actions.

You have to be operating at a high level of certainty as an expert persuader and as a magician. (I'll spare the argument they are one and the same...they are close enough.) I know very few people who are extremely persuasive who do not have a strong interest in magic.

I know of no one in magic who doesn't have a scientific mind...the ability to predict outcomes given a certain set of controlled variables...and do it almost flawlessly...and the ability to reverse engineer RESULTS and BEHAVIORS and ACTIONS back into causes for the effects....for THAT is what a magician is.

The psychic does this as well. They simply are disingenuous about the story they present.

What lies at the core of success for persuaders and magicians?

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Kevin Hogan
Network 3000 Publishing
3432 Denmark #108
Eagan, MN 55123
(612) 616-0732

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