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18 Motivation Tips
for a Productive Day

by Kevin Hogan

Page 3

11. A good way to boost your attention meter is learning anything new that you always wanted to learn. So buzz up your brain cells and get working.

12. Exchanging ideas amongst a group of people who are from your area of expertise will help you gain newer directions of working and new prospectives to think upon. This will ultimately boost your motivation level.

13. Improvise on your working skills. Search out new ways and means of how to complete a task easily, and in short time you will see the difference it makes to your motivation quotient.

14. The ultimate suggestion to you would be to take that short break, holiday or vacation that you have stacked up on the shelf so long. It does not necessarily mean that you have to go somewhere via plane, train or automobile, but just take a few days off from your job and relax. Spend connection time with your friends and family, have fun.

15. Reading for motivation...

Garbage-in-garbage-out or GIGO is a universal principle used in the computing world. It simply means that if anything bad is input into your computer, then its output will surely be bad or in other words, if input is bad then the output will also be bad. But let us now reverse the process to good input will give good output; meaning good-in-good-out or GIGO.

So just as in a computer - if you install good input then you can always give a good output. Just think of your actions. Are they inspirational and positive or are they drawn back and negative? So you see this input will determine what outcome you are going to show in your personality.

Every successful person I know reads...a lot.

And most of them listen repetitively to CD's while they commute or go from appointment to appointment. It makes a huge difference in your life results when you constantly feed your mind good stuff.

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Kevin Hogan
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