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18 Motivation Tips
for a Productive Day

by Kevin Hogan

Page 2

6. Have an outcome to achieve with every action you do.

No matter what your work is, if you have your outcome focused directly ahead...extra enthusiasm and drive is added to your actions. The predetermined outcome motivates you, inspires you and helps you to never forget your purpose.

7. Importance of sleep...

In real life, you typically don't even have proper time to take a nap. The stress levels in work rise even more if you don't pay heed to your health and sleep peacefully. A small nap can do wonders. It can rejuvenate your whole body and bestow you extra energy to complete your pending tasks. Same goes with taking breaks during working hours. Rather than distracting, they will help you to focus more on your work with added zeal.

There comes a point in most days where I get up and go to bed for 10-45 minutes. Without that brief break, my productivity would drop dramatically.

8. Flowers and plants motivate.

Add simple plants and flowers to your surroundings. Flowers have an aesthetic beauty in them and help you by rejuvenating the entire atmosphere. It will permeate "positive vibes" in the entire surrounding and literally cause higher productivity.

Texas A&M University reported the effect of flowers on the workplace. The experiment was carried out with the staff members of hectic official workplaces that were involved in problem solving procedures. The addition of flowers enhanced their motivation and productivity. It was gradually discovered that the employees of both the genders had more innovative thinking and ideas when they had flowers in their workplace. Plants help prevent monotony in the workplace. They can create a pleasant and maybe even more "enthusiastic" environment within which to work.

9. The importance of your approach...

Knowing when to persist and when to change and THEN persist matters...

Are you annoyed that things are not turning out the way you had planned? Take a break and contemplate what went wrong.

Fix things.

If the problems still persist, the loophole lies in your approach towards the task. Trying out new ways of perceiving the task will not only give you new insights, but also bring out more possibilities.

Always remember that there are multiple ways to handle any task. Most of the time, people who get bugged by constant failure don't try adopting different approaches. If you do so, you will obviously find one approach that will not only motivate, but also inspire.

10. Try changing your routine. Become familiar and accepting of change. Let it be OK. Even a small change in your existing routine will make a difference and help your motivation level bump up a notch.

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Kevin Hogan
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